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Le préau background
Le préau users-three 78 28 1 1

Aujourd'hui, de plus en plus de jeunes affrontent la solitude et ne trouvent pas d'endroits ou sociabiliser, se faire des amis, être eux même, Le Préau apporte une structure pour combattre cette problématique ! ☀️

Islamic Thought background
Islamic Thought users-three 872 73 5 5

This is a server dedicated to high standard conversations around Islam, comparative theology, and philosophy, while also being a platform to keep each other up to date on what we ought to know about the world around us.

Mythology Ignited background
Mythology Ignited users-three 744 93 8 8

Mythology Ignited is a server dedicated to the discussion of mythology, whether you're a complete beginner, a folklore guru, or somewhere in between!

hearth background
hearth users-three 45 25

Small, mature social server, welcoming all types of conversations!

Social ideas background
Social ideas users-three 74 19

Social ideas is a community for individuals that like to share ideas and thoughts they get! We have channels for different types of ideas like social ideas, technological ideas, and environmental ideas. We do not allow non safe ideas in the server and any discussions of non safe topics.

wuallahweegee caliphate background
wuallahweegee caliphate users-three 89 27

In the digital tapestry of the vast internet, where connections are made through binary strings and friendships are forged through pixels, here exists a sanctuary of camaraderie and conversation.

CONTRAch background
CONTRAch users-three 852 91 2 2

На Контраче мы обсуждаем любые политические (и не только) темы в соответствии с правилами. You're welcome to express your opinion on various political (and any other) matters. We speak EN and RU.

The Weird & Wonderful World of Films background
The Weird & Wonderful World of Films users-three 14 3

A server about films, good and bad, short or feature-length. Discussion about TV/web shows is fine too.

A New Objectivism background
A New Objectivism users-three 110 51

We are a server that seeks to encourage productive discussion on all aspects of philosophy. And provide resources to those interested in learning about Objectivism and the Austrian School of Economics' principles.

Jimmies Stuga background
Jimmies Stuga users-three 64 28

Join our Swedish Politics Hub: informed discussions, diverse perspectives, shaping Sweden's future. 🇸🇪🗳️ #SwedishPolitics

Artelier background
Artelier users-three 131 29

Ici l'écoute et l'acceuil de nos membres est un point d'honneur, que tu sois jeune artiste ou adorateur d'art,Bienvenue !

❄Lҽ Rσყαυɱҽ❄ background
❄Lҽ Rσყαυɱҽ❄ users-three 213 33 11 11

Un petit serveur sympa, sans prise de tête, ou tu peux aussi rencontrer des gens cool et gentil !

⚜ Tourangeaux ⚜ background
⚜ Tourangeaux ⚜ users-three 17 5

🔗 Rejoignez-nous maintenant et explorez Tours avec Les Tourangeau !

International Hangout background
International Hangout users-three 3117 203 2 2

Meet people from all around the world, their culture, their language and their lifestyle. Come and tell us about yours :)

IDEOLOGIES background
IDEOLOGIES users-three 896 98

Ideologies is a simple place to come relax, talk with some folks, and have a political debate when you want. Our main principle is civility and a calm place for debate, while also being a nice community of people to hang out with when your bored. We have plenty of roles and plenty of space, so come chill and talk about Philosophy, Religion, Politics and pretty much anything there is to discuss.