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The Cotton Candy Café background
The Cotton Candy Café users-three 202 60 10 10

🌈Welcome to the Cotton Candy Café, an 18+, LGBTQ+ friendly, safe space with focus on mental health! 🌈

✞Femboy Freakshow is a community based femboy and femboy enjoyers server. Our community largely enjoys VR and all things femboy related. We offer: ⛤ Sfw, but we do goof off ofc. ⛤ 15+ server. ⛤ Mods with at least 2 1/2 brain cells (very hard)

Aquarium of Dreams background
Aquarium of Dreams users-three 51 25

You want a place to talk and make new friends? Come on in!!! We offer many chats to discuss any and all interests. This server is completely safe for work, and we want to provide a comfy space for all 18+ people.

╭ heart ❤ | sfw dating and hangout server background
╭ heart ❤ | sfw dating and hangout server users-three 29 16 1 1

COOL HANGOUT SERVER!! 24 hour support! VC Reaction roles & way more

Little Cuties Daycare background
Little Cuties Daycare users-three 55 27 2 2

A new sfw Agere server! All are welcome. We are looking to grow as a community. Partnerships are open as well as staff apps

― rcta/ecta safespace!! background
― rcta/ecta safespace!! users-three 2383 264 12 12

This is a safespace for people who want to change their race :3 even if you arent rcta/ecta, you can still join!

Cloud9 ᶻz ☁﹒chill﹒dreams﹒soft background
Cloud9 ᶻz ☁﹒chill﹒dreams﹒soft users-three 204 46 1 1

⤷ cloud9 ᶻz ☁﹒chill﹒dreams﹒soft ﹒→ free of toxicity, full of love ﹒→ safe space, sfw only ﹒→ cute emotes, stickers

Art n' more! background
Art n' more! users-three 17 9

Share your art and have fun in a community full of other artists. Weekly art jams!

The McDonald's PlayPlace background
The McDonald's PlayPlace users-three 44 24 1 1

A server where we don't get offended easily, anybody is welcome

- D.I.C.E - background
- D.I.C.E - users-three 126 28

𖥔 ˑ ִ ֗ ★ WELCOME TO DICE! ★ ⊹ ۪ 𖥔 ˑ ִ ִ

@silhouette background
@silhouette users-three 40 19

friendships , music , nitro , sfw , emotes , semi - toxic

♡ LGBTQ+ Hangout ♡ background
♡ LGBTQ+ Hangout ♡ users-three 239 75 4 4

Hello~♡ This is your personal invite to the LGBTQ+ Hangout..! We have lots to offer you..! We can’t wait to see you at our hangout..! With love, The Hangout Staff ♡ Join for free cookies..!/srs

ethans hideout background
ethans hideout users-three 36 25 1 1

silly server for silly people

Ollie's Safe Space background
Ollie's Safe Space users-three 43 14

ᘓ ₊˚🍇︰Ollie's Safe Space ! ≧▽≦ ﹪💷 Non-Toxic | SFW 🌙 〹﹒ ▨ .🌼 Welcoming | Join us ! >< ◐ ˚ ⋂ ⋂ 𓂃・ʚ Join us today! 🔔 ( ・ω・ )つ https://discord.gg/j7RgVefc

✯⇇Crystal Stars⇉✯ background
✯⇇Crystal Stars⇉✯ users-three 54 32

Honesty, we are a very new server and would appreciate any support we can get! We do not allow any Endos, or discrimination of any kind here!


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