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The Multiverse 🌍 ( ❕Hangout❕ )™ background
The Multiverse 🌍 ( ❕Hangout❕ )™ users-three 89 33 2 2

This server is a roleplay server with all fandoms allowed, we have marvel, dc, sonic, Mario and more!

Marvel Heroe’s Of Tomorrow background
Marvel Heroe’s Of Tomorrow users-three 42 19 7 7

Marvel hero’s of tomorrow is a Story Driven Literate Marvel RP.

McYondu's background
McYondu's users-three 50 26

Welcome to McYondu's! A place for Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel fans in general to congregate! Be safe, talk to others, make friends and enjoy our new roleplay section channels based on the roles you choose! Welcome aboard.

S M E X I C O (Public) background
S M E X I C O (Public) users-three 25 15 4 4

Join Miguel O’Hara and the rest of the Spider Society in saving and exploring the multiverse. [16+ POC Owned, 24/7 Moderated, Channel-Based Roleplay Server]

UMVC3 SEA background
UMVC3 SEA users-three 13 5

Welcome to UMVC3 SEA. Noticing that there are little to no places to look for UMVC3 in SEA this server has been created for that sole purpose!

monkeys background
monkeys users-three 4 1

🕷️ Swing into Spidey's Secret Society! 🦸‍♂️ Unite with fellow superhero fans, and discuss comics, movies, and games. Choose your hero alias, join events, and be part of our safe, friendly community. Embrace your inner hero today!

Marvel: City that Never Sleeps background
Marvel: City that Never Sleeps users-three 13 11

New York, the City that never Sleeps and the main city of the Marvel Universe. In this world the identities of the Heroes you know and love never existed and are instead replaced by what are known as your "Spec" characters. Peter Parker, Steve Roger's, and Tony Stark don't exist here and are expected to be replaced by your Spec identity who takes up the mantles of Spider-Man, Captain America, and Iron Man! Allowing for a clean slate and new interesting stories and mo

Welcome new students ! To the 𝑀𝓊𝓁𝓉𝒾𝓋𝑒𝓇𝓈𝑒 𝒜𝒸𝒶𝒹𝑒𝓂𝓎 ! After science discover how to travel safely between universes,the heroes and mutants of two universes have decided to join forces to create an Academy to train the new heroes of tomorrow ! The former X-Men team will be the teachers, Tony Stark, Doctor Stephen Strange, Erik Lensher and Charles Xavier, are the directors of this Academy ! The allowed canon mutants will mainly be t

Into The Portal background
Into The Portal users-three 251 67 7 7

This is a server for all SpiderVerse fans! Come hang out and share your art/fanfiction/cosplays/theories.

Проходная Героев Земли [TRP] background
Проходная Героев Земли [TRP] users-three 5 4

Доброго времени суток героий! (и не только) Приглашаю Вас присоединиться к текстовой ролевой по вселенной Марвел!

Majorpayne Comics & Art background
Majorpayne Comics & Art users-three 152 42

Are you looking to expand on your comic/anime collection? View and promote your artwork? show off your cosplay?! If so don't look any further. MPI is the perfect place for you nuff said. Besides our website we host tons of channels optimized to be as creatively inclusive as can be! Here's what we offer: 『』Friendly Staff that have your full attention should you need any assistance, 『』Warm Community, We may be new to discord(server wise) but our subscribers are som

🌞 Marvelistanya background
🌞 Marvelistanya users-three 234 135

Marvel | #SOHBET • Aktif ve sıcak kanlı bir ortam • Marvel Evreni'ni seviyor musun? O zaman seni sohbet sunucumuza bekliyoruz... • Evrenler arası yolculuğa hazırlan ve sunucumuza katıl :) Marvel | #SOHBET SUNUCUSU ▸ Sunucuda Sohbet, Haber, Karakter VS ve daha bir çok eğlenceli kanal bulunmaktadır ▸ Marvel Hakkında Yeni Bilgilere Daha Çabuk Ulaşın ▸ Kendine Özel Roller Alabilir, Boost Bastığın Süre Boyunca Kendine Özel Rol Yaptı

Mutuals | Editing Hub background
Mutuals | Editing Hub users-three 13209 1772 17 17

This is a server for video editors! We have editing help channels and resources such as tutorials, presets, etc.

A Better Tomorrow background
A Better Tomorrow users-three 303 60 1 1

"My name is Roger Philips, also known as White Eagle. If you see this, I am dead. The world needs people like you more than ever. It's your time to decide, will you be the savior or destroyer of this world? Good Luck!"

Marvel | DC Convergence background
Marvel | DC Convergence users-three 144 19

A Marvel / DC partner server with dedicated staff, active community, and a great ongoing story!


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