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Equestfold background
Equestfold users-three 13 10

The official discord server for Equestfold, one of the Cybertronix Animedia's live graphic web series!

Wholesome Rainbow background
Wholesome Rainbow users-three 94 53 2 2

This is about bringing the world as unite as one big perfect universe.

Astolfo Emotes background
Astolfo Emotes users-three 2562 820 9 9

A place dedicated to our favorite rider from fate grand order!

The Femboy Kingdom 2 background
The Femboy Kingdom 2 users-three 310 44 2 2

A sfw server for Femboys, furries and people in the LGBTQ

Femboy Hell background
Femboy Hell users-three 298 98 7 7

We are a 17+ femboy server. We have Age Verification for 18+ members requiring ID for NSFW channels. We are a consistently lvl2 server, looking to grow. We are also semi-active! We are looking for other LGBTQIA servers to partner with that house 17+ year olds. Please reach out if interested

cute frens (remake) background
cute frens (remake) users-three 79 35

We are a unique and cute femboy server! We have a thighs channel too! note: this is a remake of the old server which got nuked at 210+ members by the owner of the church of femboys join us

Arkansas Femboys background
Arkansas Femboys users-three 17 9 2 2

A server specifically for femboys or any LGBTQ from or around Arkansas!

femboy's chill background
femboy's chill users-three 10 2

join only if u can do camsex, will pay if u are a good boy :)join only if u can do camsex, will pay if u are a good boy :)

πŸ’•Femboy’s of VR (18+) πŸ’• background
πŸ’•Femboy’s of VR (18+) πŸ’• users-three 16 9

We are πŸ’•Femboy’s of VR πŸ’•. This is a SFW community. We are a Femboy safe space for anyone.

Femboyo Land background
Femboyo Land users-three 257 51 9 9

A safe place for femboys and all other queers :D This is a server you can just talk on and chill hehe, we've got a few events throughout the week including but not limited to tummy tuesday and femboy friday. Chat does die at times and it'd be nice to get some more people in to liven it up :3

Femboy House background
Femboy House users-three 84 25 1 1

This server is a small hangout of teens who like/are femboys/rosboys! It's also just a chill place to make friends and meet new people. :) β™‘ 13-19! β™‘ LGBTQ+ Postive! β™‘ Tons of roles! β™‘ VCs! β™‘ And more!

πŸŽ…Queer Safe PlaceπŸŽ… background
πŸŽ…Queer Safe PlaceπŸŽ… users-three 31 11

Welcome to Trans Safe Place This Server is community lead not staff lead you don't have to walk on eggshells in this server we don't censor free speech this server also has a chill staff team that won't warn u for any little mistakes

The "rainbow_community" an open minded community for everyone!

Vibe Check background
Vibe Check users-three 102 34 2 2

we are a server that welcomes anyone that joins! come hangout!

Spoil us! background
Spoil us! users-three 62 4

Hi there! I'm Sammy and I made this server with some of my friends. We're looking for people to buy us stuff like Nitro in return for various things, such as SFW requests like roleplay, acting as partners, pictures and more! Come on in, we'd love to meet you!~

Austrian Art School β„–88 background
Austrian Art School β„–88 users-three 62 22

We are a modern school studying the art of the 40`s.