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Kawaii Femboi Discord background
Kawaii Femboi Discord users-three 1633 278 14 14

ʕ •ɷ•ʔฅ Kawaii Femboi Discord https://discord.gg/kfd (3 letter vanity link :o) SFW, LGBTQ+ Friendly, Active and Fun Femboy Server where everyone is welcome :3

Femboy Kingdom background
Femboy Kingdom users-three 127 34 2 2

haiii, welcome to Femboy Kingdom, we're new and a small community :3

Fantasia Rp background
Fantasia Rp users-three 186 36

Hi this is a new rp server anyone is welcome we have sfw and nsfw and we are all inclusive so come on let's have some fun

CS: Femboy background
CS: Femboy users-three 313 116 9 9

LGBTQIA+-friendly Counter-Strike community, whether you're looking for teammates or just people to talk to, come join us :3

Smash or Pass background
Smash or Pass users-three 3890 548 14 14

Welcome to the best Smash or Pass Discord server! The place to be for quality content of hot girls to rate and show your opinions on 😏

SillyVoid background
SillyVoid users-three 375 80 9 9

an 18+ sfw femboy and twink server where you can find silly friends, show off your talents in art and creativity and gayming and dressing cute :3 while providing freedom of speech and evading cancel culture for a comfortable zone for anyone to talk

Femboy Hangout background
Femboy Hangout users-three 5539 1164 14 14

Welcome to the Femboy Hangout! A server for femboys and tomboys and all the allies! Come join and make new possibilities! 24/7 MINECRAFT SMP!

✞Femboy Freakshow is a community based femboy and femboy enjoyers server. Our community largely enjoys VR and all things femboy related. We offer: ⛤ Sfw, but we do goof off ofc. ⛤ 15+ server. ⛤ Mods with at least 2 1/2 brain cells (very hard)

Equestfold background
Equestfold users-three 130 27

The official discord server for Equestfold, one of the Cybertronix Animedia's live graphic web series!

🤍White Tulips🤍 background
🤍White Tulips🤍 users-three 136 51 2 2

Welcome to 🌷White Tulips🌷! We are a small server made to chill and have fun, members can use bots chat with friend and talk in voice chats.

Femboy couch background
Femboy couch users-three 827 102 2 2

welcome to the couch! this is a sfw server for people 13 and up! we're a server made for femboys, femboy lovers, and everyone else! don't be afraid, we do not bite! (unless you want us to~ :3)

Moxxie's Femboy & Furry Hangout background
Moxxie's Femboy & Furry Hangout users-three 482 94 7 7

We have a healthy relationship with many members across the server. We promote chatting, streaming, gaming, and thigh pics as well as femboy competitions and overall joy for all the members.

100+ of the BEST E-Girl Vibe Emojis Ever! You can find the World's Greatest E-Girl Emotes so you can use that are just AMAZING so you can express yourself and your style freely. HUNDREDS of them! 💘 100+ Emojis 💘 Custom designed Emojis you won't find anywhere else 💘 Most popular E-Girl Style Emojis on the web in one place 💘 Accepting Emoji Submissions 💘 Friendly & Helpful community Why are you holding out? Stop wasting time looking for E-Girl amazing Emo

Astolfo Emotes background
Astolfo Emotes users-three 2613 983 2 2

A place dedicated to our favorite rider from fate grand order!

🤍White Roses🤍 background
🤍White Roses🤍 users-three 1123 143 1 1

Welcome to 🤍White Roses🤍! We are a small server made to chill and have fun, members can use bots chat with friend and talk in voice chats.

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