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𝐔𝐇 πŽπ‡ background
𝐔𝐇 πŽπ‡ users-three 117 36 2 2

A nail bomb is an anti-personnel explosive device containing nails to increase its effectiveness at harming victims. The nails act as shrapnel, leading almost certainly to more injury in inhabited areas than the explosives alone would. A nail bomb is also a type of flechette weapon. Such weapons use bits of shrapnel (steel balls, nail heads, screws, needles, broken razors, darts and other small metal objects) to create a larger radius of destruction.

Aspie's Moon background
Aspie's Moon users-three 159 25

Hey, ihr Aspienauten! Wir vom Aspie's Moon freuen uns auf euch und das kunterbunte PÀckchen, was ihr mitbringt. Egal ob Aspie oder anders verrückt - nicht normal ist bei uns gern gesehen. Außerdem wollen wir natürlich nicht verschweigen, dass wir von einem anderen Planeten hierher gereist sind... ;-) Seid gegrüßt.

Autisme Friends background
Autisme Friends users-three 59 30 2 2

Autisme Friends is een kleinschalige Autisme Discord op basis van invites. Als je graag een invite wil join dan de server en vul de vragenlijst in.

Cozy Hedge Inn background
Cozy Hedge Inn users-three 60 14

Cozy Co. Hey, what’s up with everything being so dark? We have friends with tea! It’s safe to be who you are here. We're a support group of inter-abled individuals helping each other find healthy coping and healing strategies for even the darkest stories.

Autism Overgrowth background
Autism Overgrowth users-three 13 7

πŸ’  Safe place for those with ASD! πŸ’  Everyone is welcome πŸ’  Venting channel πŸ’  Friendly staff and community πŸ’  Non-toxic community πŸ’  Fun self and color roles! Join if you want new friends!

neurodivergent teens background
neurodivergent teens users-three 21 7

‼️ Just started out so server is still a WIP ❕ are you neurodivergent or autistic and struggling making friends/ dating? then this is the server for you! this server is made specifically for neurodiverse people so that they have a better time making friends/ signif others Join Neurodivergent teens today ! https://discord.gg/bQkYuh9CYS