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EU Smite People background
EU Smite People users-three 11 8

EU Smite Community which gathers everyone playing on EU servers.

Planetary Alliance background
Planetary Alliance users-three 356 38

We're a laid-back collection of gamers from around the world who support mental and emotional wellbeing and like to share things we find in the gaming world (including free games).

Cool Zone background
Cool Zone users-three 20 14

A server dedicated to casually hanging out, I offer movie nights, game rooms, hangouts lounge, and useful bots (Just Added: meme channel, food overhaul channel, selfie channel, an a GIF spam channel

irony background
irony users-three 1453 144 1 1

Irony is a friendly Discord server where all are welcome! Join our community of wonderful people to start talking!

DEC - Division Especial Cerberus background
DEC - Division Especial Cerberus users-three 854 90 12 12

¡RECLUTAMIENTO ABIERTO! Clan hispanohablante. Somos una unidad casual de Arma3 para aquellos que quieren pasar un buen rato de estrategia y simulación, sin las típicas obligaciones de otros clanes. ¡Todos son bienvenidos! 👊 Puedes alistarte en: https://discord.gg/HSbwp5P3GQ

GSYT Productions background
GSYT Productions users-three 105 32 2 2

A server which seeks to redesign technology and the social norm.

Coral Crusaders background
Coral Crusaders users-three 52 15

Coral Crusaders is a small, casual, friendly community focused on Fortnite! We have our own YouTube series with over 10 hours of content, and the server itself has a few bots you might enjoy, including Dank Memer, Tupperbox and Fortniters!

Kesh background
Kesh users-three 20 17

Hey, this server was made for people who just want to come and relax without having to worry about getting banned for stupid reasons and to just have fun. Everyone is welcome. We offer things like: - Fun events - Different categories and chats to fit your needs - Giveaways - Self-promotion - Leveling systems - Staff applications (Currently in need of staff) - Self roles for notifications so you don't get annoying pings - Very understanding punishment system (You will

firedrakep's server background
firedrakep's server users-three 2 1

New. Under construction New. Under construction New. Under construction New. Under construction

◤ Engie's Shithole ◢ background
◤ Engie's Shithole ◢ users-three 77 29

This is a budding casual tf2 server with all FREE benefits! For the extended list, please refer to the full description. :)

Tranquility background
Tranquility users-three 36 12 2 2

Tranquility is a casual Halo server that welcomes all kinds of players who are respectful, considerate and chill. Come join us and play some Halo!

Casual Lands background
Casual Lands users-three 7 6

Just a casual place to get to know new people and interact with a few fun bots. SFW family friendly server.

Hub of Wonders background
Hub of Wonders users-three 24 13

Make friends, talk, collaborate with other content creators and for supporters to have special Discord access. We are pushing for an active community!

Undertale central background
Undertale central users-three 50 16

server for fun casual roleplay server for undertale fans and others just to have fun

We're Here For Smite background
We're Here For Smite users-three 470 116 4 4

We're Here For SMITE! We welcome anyone looking to find friendly like-minded SMITE players looking to create a community without the toxicity and hate speech common in other servers.

Morrigan's Shroud background
Morrigan's Shroud users-three 1485 563 16 16

Morrigan's Shroud is a LFG(Looking for group) discord server based around the game SMITE. This discord server is for Smite players to play/communicate in a non-toxic environment in which they can participate in group activities. Me and my staff team have consistently prevented toxicity from breeding creating a non-toxic environment for smite players to enjoy

Gray Fortress background
Gray Fortress users-three 7 6

This server shows people that difficult games can be made easy and be fun. Join if you are in need of help or someone to vent to about your annoyingly hard game.

Anthologia background
Anthologia users-three 37 15

Anthologia is an upcoming skymine pvp server with plans to put a more original and unique twist on the SkyMine genre.

Squad Squad background
Squad Squad users-three 132 19

This server belongs to the youtuber squad squad! The server is mostly used for memes and a good amount of gaming. The server mostly plays Minecraft and fps games like COD and CSGO. Squad Squad is a meme channel on YouTube with approx. 7.4k subscribers. The channel mostly posts meme compilations. See you there!

Titans of Reach background
Titans of Reach users-three 39 14

We are TOR. Titans of Reach! What we do and how we do it: - PC and XBOX based - All Inclusive - Halo - Titanfall - Fortnite - Warzone We're excited to meet you, soldier.