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gaia⭒ WIP | decor background
gaia⭒ WIP | decor users-three 17 9

- SFW server - decor !! - simple layout ^^ - for pfps, banners and sets - dont be shy to talk !

; eunoia . background
; eunoia . users-three 65 33 2 2

An accepting server for #LGBTQ members, femboys, systems, femboy Enjoyers, allies and more!

underdogs background
underdogs users-three 45 16

Discover Underdogs: Your hub to chat, chill, and forge bonds. Embrace engaging conversations and a warm community that welcomes you!

A fun and non toxic rcta (anti free) discord server!

XLON ☆ icons background
XLON ☆ icons users-three 44 22

Hi! XLOn is a icon/pfp server, We’re new and are looking for staff to hire! Come join us today!

💕 Rent a girlfriend  💕 background
💕 Rent a girlfriend  💕 users-three 13 2

Hiiii ! Im manci you very own e kitten. I provide rent a gf services.

Athena's Pizzahut 16+ [Girl's Only] background
Athena's Pizzahut 16+ [Girl's Only] users-three 34 12

💗 Woman-based server to make friends! 💗 16+ NO MEN!! 💗 No nsfw channel! 💗 Talk about anything. We want to hear you! 💗 Woman-owned 💗 LGBTQIAA++ Welcomed! 💗 Yes, you can speak multiple languages here! 💗 Events coming soon! 💗 New onboarding process! 💗 No horny ass men!

Pookies ❥✰ background
Pookies ❥✰ users-three 119 30 4 4

Looking for people with your interests? A safe server to laugh and hang out? Join our server! ☆We are a 13-16 community ✯English speaking ✰SFW ★Great for making new friends ☆Multiple channels ✰ various VC’s. :)) ✧ Multiple roles to choose from!

im a kitten looking for a buyer! this server is perfect if you are looking for a short term or a long term kitten

Midnight background
Midnight users-three 58 35

Seeking a place to find gamers? Paradise is all about gaming, respecting, sharing, conversation, and more! We have a wide variety of topics however we’re always listening to suggestions from the community. we might be a small server but were always here to help, suggest, comfort and respect.

Virtual_Vibez background
Virtual_Vibez users-three 250 56

Welcome to Virtual_Vibez, a server where you can just chill and chat with your friends!

We are a friendly to all Discord server, just here to have a good time, simple rules and calm staff!

The Oasis background
The Oasis users-three 230 56 5 5

A safe space for furries, therians, LGBTQ+ members, age-regression, pet-regression, people of any race, any religion, otherkin, fictionkin, allies, etc.

Euphoria background
Euphoria users-three 71 23 4 4

꒦⊹๑‧˚ **{Euphoria}** ~ ! 𓂅 `🍓`・,, જ ୨୧ `🧸`ৎ SFW ! (>ᴗ

🤍Sweet Littles🤍 background
🤍Sweet Littles🤍 users-three 8 5

15+ discord server for agere, petre, systems, cg, and supporters! This is the beginning of the server and we already have many roles and stickers for the server.