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100+ of the BEST and CUTEST Emojis Ever! You can find the Greatest Emotes so you can use that are just adorable.

100+ of the BEST Blob Emojis Ever that are the most adorable! You can find the World's Greatest Emotes you can use that are just AWESOME so you can express yourself freely. HUNDREDS of them! πŸ’›

˚✧ πŸŽ€ happiness β€§β‚ŠΒ°β™‘ΰΏ” background
˚✧ πŸŽ€ happiness β€§β‚ŠΒ°β™‘ΰΏ” users-three 120 50

This server is kawaii themed safe space just for you!! Please join us!!!

✫ Λšβ™‘ ⋆q ❀A cute, kawaii Meowbahh based server! Fan server/hangout for Meowbahh /SRS

StrocalerMC background
StrocalerMC users-three 258 30

Meowbahhs one and only discord server! (No f#*$%#& allowed) Come and have fun in Kawaii Corner Rebirth!

kitti cafΓ© β™‘ background
kitti cafΓ© β™‘ users-three 113 31 2 2

β™₯*β™‘βˆž:q.q kitti cafe q.q:βˆžβ™‘*β™₯ ΰΉ‘β€§Λšβ”Šmovie nights ΰΉ‘β€§Λšβ”Šmemes and cute pics ΰΉ‘β€§Λšβ”Šgaming ΰΉ‘β€§Λšβ”Šmake new friends ΰΉ‘β€§Λšβ”Šcute color roles

welcome 2 strawberry dreamland! this is a sfw kawaii community where u can chat with people, game, and more! please keep everything lighthearted and respect everybody. if u cannot follow the rules, it can result in a ban. i hope u have a go

s4Ι΄Κ€Ιͺᴇʀʀᴀ background
s4Ι΄Κ€Ιͺᴇʀʀᴀ users-three 114 35

sanrio server! -hello kitty and friends -earn free nitro -good staffs -welcoming fun community -everyone can b themselves -fun kawaii and sanrio

kittyCatClub background
kittyCatClub users-three 3 2

This server is made for Sanrio fans to socialize and make friends! There are a bunch of roles and emojis coming soon. there is also a server to show your interest such as styles and arts and crafts! When you join my club you will receive a warm welcome from a bot and read the info text channel before typing/doing ANYTHING. Just to be clear any age is welcome but we do NOT fake our generation for the group's sake and credit to the creators of the banners for the text channels. JOIN

sanrio babes background
sanrio babes users-three 16 10

a sanrio server , moviestarplanet and roblox! mainly for trading and chatting!

Maid Cafe~ background
Maid Cafe~ users-three 27 6

Hey y'all, looking for some cat girl pics well I've got you. This server has tons of them (mostly of me though lol) feel free to join if your interested!