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Grows R Us background
Grows R Us
Grows R Us
Weed Cannabis Gaming Fun Plants

Friendly cannabis cultivation related server. Talk everything cannabis from growing, to smoking, to making edibles or concentrates. Don't grow cannabis? That's cool to, like deep subjects, gaming or just like to laugh? Have a good conversation in general chat. New growers, don't be shy. Do you have problems? Come show us, we can help you without trying to make you feel bad about making a mistake. Come check us out. Friendly cannabis cultivation related server.

Talk time background
Talk time
Talk time
Art Roles Anime Plants Bots

Hello everyone. Do you want a discord server that has an art community? This is the place! Do you want an anime server? Here is the place! Do you want a friendly environment? Here’s the place!

Plants / Houseplants / Gardening • Ploi background
Plants / Houseplants / Gardening • Ploi
Plants / Houseplants / Gardening • Ploi
Plants Houseplants Gardening Botany Hobby

We love all kinds of plants, from succulents to ferns, and we love to chat about all things plant-related. Whether you're a seasoned grower or just getting started, you're welcome here!