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Friends of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria é um server que possui diversas pessoas legais e staffs ativos, nesse servidor vc pode conversar sobre FNaF a hora que você quiser!!!

Inky’s Minecraft FNaF rp background
Inky’s Minecraft FNaF rp users-three 24 11

A FNaF rp in Minecraft Would appreciate more rpers! :)

Undertale Fanatic Team background
Undertale Fanatic Team users-three 1047 134

Servidor de Undertale, com muitos bots, muitas novidades, noticias, eventos, jogos e pessoas legais para interagir e conversar sobre Undertale ou qualquer jogo e anime do seu interesse!

Glitch in the System [Literate FNaF RP] background
Glitch in the System [Literate FNaF RP] users-three 249 40 4 Boosts 4 Boosts

Fan of FNaF? Looking for a new RP? *Want to be part of something greater?* Then look no further! Glitch in the system is a whole new breed of FNaF RP! Canon-Compliant, OC-Friendly, Literate RP! What we offer: ~Unlimited OCs! ~Lore-Important Canon Characters, along with your lesser known favourites! ~The chance to create a company large enough to rival Afton himself! ~A more serious RP experience than other FNaF RP Servers. *~And so much more...*

Gallant Gaming Zone background
Gallant Gaming Zone users-three 101 31

This server is for the YouTuber Gallant Gaming, (me) With the Channel's (Gallant Gaming, Gallant, Gallant Shorts, Freddy, Gallant Plays) We do Weekly Events, We do lots of Polls & qotds, Giveaways Here and there, We Have Mod Applicatio

The Main Characters background
The Main Characters users-three 66 22 12 Boosts 12 Boosts

We are the Main Characters, we are a VRChat Group thats looking to make you laugh, and Have a sense of Nostalgia. We make a lot of Memories together and would love to have you make memories with us! We are in fandoms such as Fnaf, Undertale, Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss, Minecraft, Anime, and etc

This server is for people that would like to roleplay as any fnaf character they want! I am also looking for a co-owner!That would go to the person that would like to glamrock freddy! (And looking for mods!)