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Black Hole (13-18) background
Black Hole (13-18) users-three 865 87 9 9

We are a chill (semi-toxic) discord server! We are a small community looking to grow into a larger server! We offer 13-18 with some exceptions and we offer alot of channels to choose from! So please, join us on the adventure to become a great server!

MBF鯖 - マイクラ&ゲーム雑談 background
MBF鯖 - マイクラ&ゲーム雑談 users-three 2120 209 8 8

Top Japan Minecraft Multi Survival Server (SMP). 🎉Take it easy as we leisurely build homes 🏠, make friends, embark on adventures ⚔, and fully enjoy Minecraft together 🌸 Note: The primary language is Japanese. The secondary language is English. Other languages are not allow.

⋆。 star          .      lx   ✩.˚ background
⋆。 star          .      lx   ✩.˚ users-three 122 40 1 1

receive help from us for your server, find friends and be active !!

RandomPlace background
RandomPlace users-three 416 100 10 10

We are a small friendly community of Bronies that like to share art, music, videos, etc. We here to welcome friendly faces and kind folk.

Serenity Space background
Serenity Space users-three 2581 369 14 14

Hi, Welcome to my server! I made this as a safe space for people to talk about and share their problems. You're welcome to ask a therapist for help, or share your problems to other Lovelies.

Ice & Fire  - Game of Thrones Minecraft Server background
Ice & Fire  - Game of Thrones Minecraft Server users-three 610 106

-Ice and Fire is the original GOT Minecraft Roleplay server set in the world of Westeros, dating back almost 10 years. Survive, join or create a great house, and be a part of events to determine who sits the Iron Throne.

Luxe-Hosting.nl | Discord background
Luxe-Hosting.nl | Discord users-three 391 28

At Luxe-Hosting, we are more than just a hosting company. We are a team of passionate individuals who are dedicated to revolutionizing the hosting industry. Tired of slow hardware, outdated game panels, and limited features? Look no further!

InterPaws background
InterPaws users-three 87 37 2 2
Love Space | Dating・Love・Active・Chill・Anime background
Love Space | Dating・Love・Active・Chill・Anime users-three 1191 153 15 15

_ _(✿ᴗ ᴗ) ♡`🌸` ﹒welcome to . . . **Safe Space** !  `🌱`  ﹒  ✿  ﹒ sfw ┈  non-tox ⊦﹒ ♡`🌿`﹒ **What do we provide for you?** _ _ ⌗ ‿ ﹒**A place where you can find the love of your life** ***!?*** ﹕ `🍉`


between realms 🤍✨ background
between realms 🤍✨ users-three 35 13

A server for reality shifters! This server has a very beautiful and welcoming community. We would love if you joined!

EarthVI background
EarthVI users-three 28 6 2 2

Welcome to EarthVI! This is a minecraft earth server were you get to build and play as that country! The server is both java and bedrock! We hope to see you there!

The Blend background
The Blend users-three 170 34 2 2

Tiny server looking to grow with more people that love making spotify/YouTube playlists and sharing them with others! Come share your music tastes!

🎾﹕All Court 、✧ background
🎾﹕All Court 、✧ users-three 31 15

Welcome to. .  .   __All Court!__ 𓂃 . ⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒ . we offer . . ╭・♡♡﹑welcoming staffs and members﹒🎤 ︰・🥎 ⌒⌒ ₊ non toxic, sfw, clean chats ╰・♡♡﹑and atp, wta, tournaments, and prediction discussions!﹒ 📸

The Pond of Harmony background
The Pond of Harmony users-three 23 18

The pond of Harmony is a sfw place to meet friends or just chat