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Vrchat banned users background
Vrchat banned users users-three 71 52

Explore the world of furry and more! with me on vrchat

Four To The Floor background
Four To The Floor users-three 104 39 3 3

We are a VRChat Clubbing Community, featuring DJs playing all kinds of genres.

(WIP) Twilight Forest Chill Kingdom background
(WIP) Twilight Forest Chill Kingdom users-three 1198 265 14 14

Welcome to the Twilight Forest Chill Kingdom Discord and VRChat chill community. Our goal is to provide a fun and relaxed environment for everyone to enjoy. We have a variety of activities and chat rooms for you to choose from, and we welcome all new members. Thank you for choosing us, and we hope you enjoy your stay.

πŸ’•Femboy’s of VR (18+) πŸ’• background
πŸ’•Femboy’s of VR (18+) πŸ’• users-three 16 9

We are πŸ’•Femboy’s of VR πŸ’•. This is a SFW community. We are a Femboy safe space for anyone.

/satire πŸŽ„ background
/satire πŸŽ„ users-three 118 35 25 25

The Den is an active growing community, with lots of engaging members.

There are 2 owners of this server me (π–˜π–Šπ–‘π–Šπ–“π–”π–•π–π–Žπ–‘π–Žπ–† ☾) and Amaris (i heard they are the most wholesome couple in the server)

β€’VRC 🌴 Λšπ™ƒπ™Šπ™π™π™„π™€π™ŽΛš πŸ’ - Is a NSFW based Discord. There is lots of NSFW stuff. BUT before you have fun, check the welcome channel.

MyDarkEmpire Promo background
MyDarkEmpire Promo users-three 28 10

Welcome to MyDarkEmpire VR. The owner is Luna Serafina. Luna is an internet personality that promotes content creators for no value exchange. This server is an extension for that for VRChat at this moment. We may apply to other VR services in the future.

Bunny n Kitty's Safe Haven background
Bunny n Kitty's Safe Haven users-three 120 38 1 1

We are avatar creators wanting to create things for the community! Join our discord: https://discord.gg/F2JsK6jjee

Stoney Bolognas background
Stoney Bolognas users-three 63 19 1 1

A collective gathering of the worlds biggest sigma males and ultra chads. We are all horrible people and commit acts of straight delinquency. This server is NOT for the faint of heart, prepare your mind and body.

A bunny bar server world that is for our world bunny bar that is currently in the works!

Do you agree with the fact that you have no friends? So does the owner and staff of this server! 😱

The Homies background
The Homies users-three 117 56 9 9

β€’οΈ± Active Chat/Hang Out And Chill β€’οΈ± The Best Resources For Gaming and Friends Memes?! β€’οΈ± Listen To Music Bangers

Floofy Den background
Floofy Den users-three 272 107 11 11

Welcome to Floofy Den! We are LGBTQ+ and Furry friendly; we have meme channels, music bots, and amazing moderation. Minecraft is our main topic for gaming, but we support all games!

MrCactus49's Hangout background
MrCactus49's Hangout users-three 37 13

Our server is mainly a place to hang out and chill with friends, but we also have VR!

Snug Space | VRChat Community & Events(18+) background
Snug Space | VRChat Community & Events(18+) users-three 923 358 20 20

Come join SnugglesPrime! We are a server that is primarily dedicated to fostering a community in VRChat, creating bonds that will last a lifetime.

VR ERP background
VR ERP users-three 1858 310 9 9

πŸ’• A safe heaven for your kinky side πŸ’• Discord server for vrerp.net ,the first matchmaking site dedicated to vr erp. Find new VR lewdies, and make your sexual fantasies come true in virtual reality 😊

The Nexus Between background
The Nexus Between users-three 65 22 9 9

We are the Main Characters, we are a VRChat Group thats looking to make you laugh, and Have a sense of Nostalgia. We make a lot of Memories together and would love to have you make memories with us! We are in fandoms such as Fnaf, Undertale, Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss, Minecraft, Anime, and etc

πŸ‘“ Trans in VR πŸ‘“ background
πŸ‘“ Trans in VR πŸ‘“ users-three 47 18

We aim to make Trans VRChat a Toxicity Free, Safe Space for all Trans Folks looking to connect with others like yourselves. Whether you have already transitioned or you are just starting your journey.

Toadily VR background
Toadily VR users-three 170 79 9 9

We Toadily are a VRChat server who loves to go world hopping. You get to meet like minded individuals who want to share cool places they found and not always sit in front of a mirror. We also have community hosted events! We are accepting of all communities and identities.

Nobo is a person background
Nobo is a person users-three 43 21

Seeking a place to sit back and have some fun after a long day of work? The Red Forrest is all about conversation, hanging out, watching shows, having events, playing games, and most of all, enjoying each other's company. If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, feel free to stop by and say hi! Join Now!

Flirtual background
Flirtual users-three 3173 1412 20 20

Meet new people in VR! A chill place for VR and VRChat users to vibe, make friends, find dates, game together, and more! We run weekly events in VRChat and have a huge calendar of VR social events. homie.zone is also home to our VR social network ROVR and VR dating site VRLFP

Khaos background
Khaos users-three 286 108 3 3

Khaos is a gaming server that doesn't take itself too seriously. We like to shitpost, post memes and get wasted in voice chat. No filters or rules forcing you to act a specific way.

Knee Grows Inc. background
Knee Grows Inc. users-three 26 6 2 2

no bitch ass snowflakes, idc what u do or say lmfao