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Goose House background
Goose House users-three 230 53 7 7

Hello Goose House is just Chill server which welcomes drinking, smoking and vibing which is 18+ ID only server

Druncord background
Druncord users-three 16617 3663 74 74

Come join the largest drinking server on all of discord! First round is on me!

GameGeeks (+21) background
GameGeeks (+21) users-three 196 53 24 24

Are you on the lookout for a vibrant and engaging social community that revolves around gaming, knowledge-sharing, and good times? Look no further than "GameGeeks"! We're more than just a server; we're a family of avid gamers

Let's Get Drunk background
Let's Get Drunk users-three 172 46

We're a small community focused on having fun, drinking, playing games and watching movies

We are a party server. We drink, smoke, and talk shit. Survival of the Fittest.

══════【 __**𝐡𝕆𝒩𝒒 π’²π’œπ’―πΈπ‘… **__ 〗══════ We are a party server. Active community with tons of VCs to talk in. We are looking for more people to join in and have some fun! Do you like Cannabis🌿 ? Do you like to hang out in voice channelsπŸ”Š?

Layers background
Layers users-three 319 59 7 7

We're a chill group of people looking for more friends, we love to play games, talk, and watch movies with our members. We're also pretty active! Come hang!! :)

Degenerately Drunk background
Degenerately Drunk users-three 37 24 3 3

Idk we just drink and play games, always room for another degenerate, join up. 18+ verification for obvious reasons.

TΠ½Ρ” Hσσкαн LσυηgΡ” {18+} background
TΠ½Ρ” Hσσкαн LσυηgΡ” {18+} users-three 65 18

The Hookah Lounge is a 18+ new and rising community for all smokers, drinkers & all of our trippy friends. Come check us out, hangout and meet new loving people!!!

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