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📽Photography📹 background
📽Photography📹 users-three 523 97 2 2

We are a community that enjoys sharing photography, photography tips, and experiences. We host weekly contests, assign special roles to deserving members and work hard to keep photography interesting.

Lalu Software and Resource background
Lalu Software and Resource users-three 103 33

This server you can get free and reliable software of all kinds such as all Adobe software in the latest version totally free and more software

Water Leaks background
Water Leaks users-three 16 6

Join to see if we have everything i think we have everything do you think we have everything?

TMM background
TMM users-three 24 9

For art, blender and adobe aplications (e.g. photoshop, animate)

Creator's Paradise background
Creator's Paradise users-three 114 31

Welcome to .✧Creator's Paradise✧. Are you looking for a server where all of your creative sides can be in just one server? Then Creator's Parardise is the place for you! We have plenty of channels of channels and VCs available and adding more! So come join and chill with us and share your artistic side!

@kodere.archive Editor Team background
@kodere.archive Editor Team users-three 4 1

Hello, welcome to 2kodere discord team. I use this discord to stay in touch with editors for my videos and pictures, I'll also stay in touch with other photographers and videographers.

Meme club background
Meme club users-three 3 0

Idk memes ig only memes no nsfw or no harassment or nontoxic l have nothing else to say............... but be nice kind and you can talk in DMS about whatever you want

✧ Aphrodites Modeling ✧ background
✧ Aphrodites Modeling ✧ users-three 168 45 2 2

do you feel like royale high is just getting boring, and sunset island pageants are way too long? well, i have the solution! welcome to aphrodites modeling, where we hold custom paid pageants, paid photoshoots, royale high giveaways,

Сердца за Любовь background
Сердца за Любовь users-three 9 3

It is a discord channel where you can download various works from designers, useful packs for Photoshop, various styles for texts, templates for free. You can also order various works that take place for small amounts of money.

Etverk background
Etverk users-three 88 9

A server surrounding photographer and crypto advocate Henrik Etverk. Also the main community for the NFT-project "Monochrome Sweden".