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Girlboss meetup +18 background
Girlboss meetup +18 users-three 87 37

Server oriented for trans sapphics, heavily left wing, ask about diy hrt access here, predatory behaviour not allowed. Server for bad bitches and nerds

LulzBoat background
LulzBoat users-three 116 27 1 1
Moxxie's Femboy & Furry Hangout background
Moxxie's Femboy & Furry Hangout users-three 333 95 5 5

We have a healthy relationship with many members across the server. We promote chatting, streaming, gaming, and thigh pics as well as femboy competitions and overall joy for all the members.

Carbonara Haven : Genshin Trading Server background
Carbonara Haven : Genshin Trading Server users-three 117 36

Carbonara Haven is a English & Filipino Genshin Impact trading server. We offer Middlemen & Pilot services!

The Sapphic Club background
The Sapphic Club users-three 80 41 2 2

The Sapphic Club is a new club for sapphic women and woman aligned people to socialize and form friendships! We have a variety of games, forums, clubs, and upcoming events! It’s gone inactive, but we are looking for active members to revive it!

The osu! Supporter Zone background
The osu! Supporter Zone users-three 455 142 3 3

Welcome to The osu! Supporter's Zone, a place where players, mappers, modding, and mentoring can take place for various osu! beatmaps, or simply a place to chill and hangout. We hope you will find a special place in this community!

The Gaming Hub background
The Gaming Hub users-three 347 34

♡ ━━ 🅆🄴🄻🄲🄾🄼🄴 🅃🄾 Th Gaming Hub ↬ What we offer: ◆ Bot games◆ ◆ Advertisement ◆ ◆ Server Specific Channels ◆ ◆ Friendly Staff & Community ◆ ◆ A Guide to Success ◆ ◆ Events ◆ ◆ Giveaways ◆ ◆ Tournaments (Still in progress)◆ ◆ Custom roles & rooms ◆ ◆ ━━━━ ◆ ➪ looking for more partnerships & active members! ➪ Looking for partners/partnerships/collaborat

Parlays background
Parlays users-three 893 45 14 14

🏀 🏈 Turn your sports betting hobby into a side hustle at the fastest-growing server! 💨 🤫 Exclusive picks from experienced analysts. 🤝 Engage with an active community that supports and shares tips. 🏈 🏀 Bet on player props, NBA, NFL, UFC, NHL, MLB, soccer, and more. 💸 💰 Join us now and make profit while having fun!

Hangout hotel background
Hangout hotel users-three 421 44

🎉 Welcome to HANGOUT HOTEL! 🎉 Looking for a vibrant and engaging online community? Look no further! Join us and become a part of an incredible group of like-minded individuals who share your interests and passions.

Sedonia • Capes & Cosmetics 🌟 [Minecraft] background
Sedonia • Capes & Cosmetics 🌟 [Minecraft] users-three 38 12

Free Minecraft & Cosmetics Service Introducing our exciting cosmetics project called "Sedonia" !

Yonesey 2.0 background
Yonesey 2.0 users-three 60 18

rejoignez en masse svp c'est cool ici , merci si vous venez

Fluent Gibberish background
Fluent Gibberish users-three 675 71 14 14

| ♡ active & tight knit community | ♡ 400+ members | ♡ professional staff | ♡ frequent updates & modifications

SYP Exchange/MM background
SYP Exchange/MM users-three 3485 30 15 15

SYP EXCHANGES Quick trusted payment exchanges money/crypto exchanges

☢♥  𝓗𝓪𝓹𝓹𝔂  ♕🐳 background
☢♥  𝓗𝓪𝓹𝓹𝔂  ♕🐳 users-three 23 21

Have fun, make friends, chat with people, find a lover, dating

Memes de background
Memes de users-three 114 40

Join memes de we have much things active members get free custom role if they want

KAZU background
KAZU users-three 120 21

Genshin trading , selling , buying , cross-trading + more Non toxic & SFW + Friendly staff & members : English & Tagalog

Kazu 🌿 background
Kazu 🌿 users-three 22 12

Kazu is a Genshin Impact based server! We are also a trading server, we have channels like; ⁠trade ⁠sell ⁠buy ⁠cross ⁠looking-for that you may want to check out of you are interested in trading. We are a friendly SFW trading server, and we hope you e

⚖ Licence Droit - Entraide et réussite ✨ background
⚖ Licence Droit - Entraide et réussite ✨ users-three 12 4

Bonjour (ou bonsoir) à tous ! Bienvenue dans le serveur du droit pour formations en licence L1, L2 et L3 ! ✨ Né d'une ambition d'un échange basé sur l'entente et le respect, j'espère que vous trouverez ici toutes les réponses à vos questions. 👉 Vous pouvez consulter les salons concernant les années spécifiques tels que ceux pour les L1, L2 ou L3 dans les catégories à gauche pour y trouver des réponses plus spécifiques à vos questionnements.

The Mclrapper Show background
The Mclrapper Show users-three 178 49

Anyone is welcome to join my podcast server!! And have a lot of fun with the connections and conversations that we have here in the Mclrapper podcast community here. So just us and make new friends that will last forever and forever. Invite new people when you join my server.

Eat or stay starvin 💯💯😈 background
Eat or stay starvin 💯💯😈 users-three 11 2

This server is where you can be taught how to make money with methods & all other sorts of ways 😈 Get rich or die tryin💲💲💵📲🔌 I'm your plug, lowest cost is $10 for methods highest cost is $30 for Cashapp glitch. If you want to buy everything to put other people on & make your own money then its $150.

A4C ♠ background
A4C ♠ users-three 72 24 2 2

A4$ ♠️ - methods, ccs, giftcards, fullz, logs, & more

LGBTQ Vibe Hangout background
LGBTQ Vibe Hangout users-three 3 2

LGBTQ server with many channels and roles to make sure everyone is included!

CryptoLeakers background
CryptoLeakers users-three 146 108 14 14

Welcome to the Cryptoleakers group Where you will find People who are Readily to share Crypto knowledge with each other plus you will Get Crypto signals from Over 50+ servers worth 5k+ all are separated in different Channels like Predictum,GGShot,Walsh Wealth Group all are sent Automatically and 24/7 without any delay..plus a dedicated community looking to help,learn and Earn Together.... We also provide Forex signals from over 8+ groups with High accuracy and top sports cappers pic

MARKELSON background
MARKELSON users-three 19 2

Este servidor tiene sus bots propios ya que esta puesta para ser gamer y de más. El servidor tiene un dueño llamado Markelson57 (seguirle en Youtube porfavor).

Hip Hop World background
Hip Hop World users-three 6516 617

A community for hip hop / rap fans and artists who wanna discuss the genre. New school, old school, everyone is welcome.

Ljlou21_New's Kitty Empire background
Ljlou21_New's Kitty Empire users-three 35 16 1 1

Kitty empire is all about make a friendship into a family. Welcome to the family!

Atom Refs background
Atom Refs users-three 12 5

Amazon, Apple, Costco, Walmart and more 90% OFF! Only pay after success. Our methods are fully safe and have a very high success rate. Cashapp/crypto accepted

CRUSH background
CRUSH users-three 232 36 1 1

The community for anyone wanting to Crush their dating goals

🏦Eternity🏦 background
🏦Eternity🏦 users-three 18 6

At Eternity we have CC’s, PayPal acc, Cashapp acc, pp logs, etc. To be fr u already now what this is join to make some money

NaV Services | B4U background
NaV Services | B4U users-three 56 14

🟢 are you looking for a trusted/reliable b4u service? come join nav b4u services we offer 50% off food & 35% off b4u services! 🚀 trusted/reliable workers & staff! 🔒 secure, safe & reliable service! 🧑‍🍳 50% off food orders! (with free delivery) 💎 most payment methods accepted! ⭐ always open!