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The Tavern background
The Tavern users-three 59 26 7 7

Welcome to The Tavern! Our community is a well-structured, smaller server with a personal feel and light fantasy theme! We offer: - In-Server bots for text-based games - A small but active, friendly community - In-server achievements!

Heretic Hideout background
Heretic Hideout users-three 311 63 7 7

Quite place to chill out and discuss whatever is on your mind.

TheLastBacon Fan Club background
TheLastBacon Fan Club users-three 52 27 1 1

This is a fun server where you can chat, relax, and even post art in our discussion forums! What are you waiting for? Come join us!

VibeSu background
VibeSu users-three 41 22

Hello, Welcome to VibeSU! A Server that supports all communities, self promotion, advertising, and more! We're currently looking for members, and Moderators! Join now!

Knights Safezone background
Knights Safezone users-three 38 5

βš”οΈHey, wir sind Knights Safezone. Uns ist es besonders wichtig, dass sich jeder auf dem Server wohlfΓΌhlen kann, egal welches Geschlecht er hat oder aus welchem Land er kommtπŸ’•.

Kingdom of Simul background
Kingdom of Simul users-three 74 27 14 14

Story driven, high fantasy server that welcome all OCs. No activity requirements for a completely relaxed environment.

AfterSh0ck background
AfterSh0ck users-three 28 14

This is a great server 4 new light or 4 veterans aswell as tips 4 all skill levels from people who know best. The server contains Server suggestions to have a chance on helping out the server. Tips 4 new light and some ideas veterans may not know. Clan for anyone who wants 2 join a chance 2 help out with the d2 side of things. Plus much much more so come on wat ya waiting 4

Jack’s Tiktok Server background
Jack’s Tiktok Server users-three 43 10

The CJKA server is my tiktok fan server its not super active but with 🫡your help you can help me reach my dream i love you god loves you come join us

Lichi Community + Tweaks background
Lichi Community + Tweaks users-three 1521 253 16 16

Best Community + Tweaker server ! Struggling With Fps ? This server will treat you right ! Looking for a Non Toxic Enviorement ? This Server Will Treat You Right ! Be Part Of the community Now !!!

The Good Times background
The Good Times users-three 15 11

Aqui nos podemos conversar se divertir e ter bons tempos em grupo! (contanto que as regras sejam respeitadas)

Drippy hippies background
Drippy hippies users-three 6 3

For anyone who likes pot,shrooms and more come on in let's have some wacky fun

Editslcg server🫢🏼 background
Editslcg server🫢🏼 users-three 63 9

Hii this is editslcg and we are looking to branch out into different community's so we can inspiring creators learn editing or help others learn

Xen background
Xen users-three 10 4

We're a friendly server for all types of people to come hang out, play games, or just talk! All we ask is you respect the rules

This is a server where you can relax and have fun! You can check out our many different channels! We are actively growing our community everyday!

ChiLounge πŸ’« background
ChiLounge πŸ’« users-three 38 13

Chill community to hang out with, make new friends watch anime together and have fun

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