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Hacken background
Hacken users-three 15843 910 16 16

Hacken server = security tips, crypto discussions, active community and engaging activities. Powered by the $HAI token

EZleaks V2 | Since 2021 background
EZleaks V2 | Since 2021 users-three 55 16 14 14

EZleaks is a community where you can find leaks shared by the community, participate in discussions, and much more.

Ocean Coding Service background
Ocean Coding Service users-three 85 23

The best programmers are here to code your configs, checkers, discord bots and websites!

Merit background
Merit users-three 41 8

Merit connects talented candidates to searching hiring managers within the web3 community. Join now, find work, or talent. Get to know the web3 community!

BG-GAMER background
BG-GAMER users-three 2734 29 2 2

BG-GAMER is a community for people who enjoy playing video games, watching anime, and reading manga...

SS Development background
SS Development users-three 8 4

Code Development Can code most things Experience with: Automation Webscraping Webapp backends

BuyTheBeachDAO background
BuyTheBeachDAO users-three 258 53

BuyTheBeachDAO web3 community of beach lovers! Join our web3 community of beach lovers as we find the ultimate beach paradise for our own private use.

Elite Pixel Network LLC background
Elite Pixel Network LLC users-three 60 22 1 1

Why should I join Elite Pixel Network LLC? You should join us because we have a FiveM community and a Web Software development company! - Our FiveM community has the latest and greatest features! - Our Web Software development company has many free discord bots and mods for video games!

(Aviso, sΓ³ aceitamos pessoas de +13 aqui) β‹… ✦ঀ OlΓ‘ estrangeiro!, Bem vindo ao Webnamoro da Coffee! ঀঀঀ ೋ❀ Querendo achar seu par romΓ’ntico ou amigos por aqui?

Cryptosharks background
Cryptosharks users-three 43 16

Crypto education-based community looking to teach every new member about every aspect of the ever-changing world of Crypto through courses and peer-to-peer learning.

Tormater Discord background
Tormater Discord users-three 118 31

Tormater is an amazing community for cool applications such as Tormater 3D. Tormater is absolutely phenomenal and I suggest you try it. High ho!

Burberry background
Burberry users-three 778 183 15 15

Uma comunidade/famΓ­lia, criada por amigos, pretendemos crescer muito ainda, entre e ajude na nossa caminhada.

Deep & Dark background
Deep & Dark users-three 470 22

Our server is back up and better than ever, with all new inclusive telegram. we have included Tor Web LinksπŸ’₯ Free section🌰 Invite sectionπŸ“§ Paid sectionπŸ’Έ our telegramπŸ“ž and a community friendly chatπŸ—£οΈ Join and Enjoy You must be 16+

TokenMinds background
TokenMinds users-three 433 60

A server meant for TokenMinds Academy community. Learn Web3, NFT/Crypto Marketing, NFT/Blockchain Development for free through our free webinars from TokenMinds Academy! https://discord.gg/tchykqRf8p

Anonymous Nostalgic background
Anonymous Nostalgic users-three 69 18

Temos de tudo falamos de jogos, animes, filmes etc. Venha conhecer pessoas novas Venha se divertir!!

MICE Media | 'The Trap' πŸͺ€ background
MICE Media | 'The Trap' πŸͺ€ users-three 2330 299 19 19

We are bridging the gap between an existing ideological communities + an NFT Community + web3 Decentralized Media Network for freedom of ideas and expression. Know more at https://micemedia.io/ or https://twitter.com/THEMICE_

Artilities background
Artilities users-three 44 7

Artilities is a non-profit organisation, which is aimed at improving artists' creative process!

Bug Quest background
Bug Quest users-three 49 29

An interactive forum quest style webcomic, join Beeples and CO as they galavant about an as of yet unknown world to discover lost secrets, make new friends, and to fortnite dance at literally every single NPC they meet. Whether you wish to lurk or actively participate in the story we simply wish all who enter to have a bugtastic day!

GlassHost background
GlassHost users-three 455 130 24 24

GlassHost is your one-stop provider for all your web hosting and server needs, whether it be for gaming, websites, Discord bots, storage, web applications, or more! Plans start from $1. For inquiries, please message us. Find us at https://glasshost.net/

World War 2 background
World War 2 users-three 273 31

Community which circulates around the Second World War and everything that comes with it (propaganda, technology, vehicles, weaponry, battles, tactics, etc). We've got debates on a daily basis, we are virtually free of wheraboos and furries. We also have a website (a real one, not google sites) on which we post research, quizzes, images, and much more! The server itself hosts events such as drawing tanks, movie nights (WW2 movies of course), and so on... Feel free to join!

International Politics (WILL DELETE) background
International Politics (WILL DELETE) users-three 2 0

International Politics is a online simulation and the new home for everyone that likes politics and managing stuff. Grab your friends and found a country or be one of the biggest global businesses. Make friends or enemies, it's your decision. The history is in your hands.

Game Space background
Game Space users-three 55019 721 11 11

The first GameFi as a Service in the whole network. Through the SDK provided by Game Space, the game or APP of gaming companies can have the same blockchain function of StepN in as little as 7 days of development, including NFT distribution and trading.

SEO and WordPress background
SEO and WordPress users-three 613 87 1 1

Get and give WordPress development support. Discuss plugins, themes, custom coding (PHP, JS, HTML, CSS) and more! We welcome developers, designers, content creators, and new website owners.

CC Club background
CC Club users-three 4942 159

The brand new cryptocurrency community, everything you want about cryptocurrency is here. What can you do here? 1. Direct, fast and ultra-low fee trading of crypto 2. Create your exclusive bot with free API, only your bot 3. Like-minded crypto partners play web3 with you 4. More giveaway/ tip free for you More features are waiting for you to discover: https://discord.gg/Kc92hxfSaT

Web Development Service background
Web Development Service users-three 108 5

Hi! Here you can buy Websites and Web designs too! Our prices are really good and cheap!

SEO & Web Design & SysAdmin background
SEO & Web Design & SysAdmin users-three 914 65

We are an SEO & Web Design & System Administration Discord Server.

DesignFlow Community background
DesignFlow Community users-three 27 7

Join the DesignFlow Community today, and be apart of hundreds of like-minded digital designers.

Design it Right background
Design it Right users-three 11 7

This server is for the lucky people who are interested in making a website from us.

✨ Art and artlover Members! β˜” βœ§γƒ»οΎŸ:* β•Œβ•Œβ•Œβ•Œγ€Œβ™‘γ€β•Œβ•Œβ•Œβ•Œ*:γƒ»οΎŸβœ§ πŸŽ”βΈβΈ Active Chats - Talk to Girls and Guys! πŸŽ”βΈβΈ Self-Roles - Tons of roles to choose from! πŸŽ”βΈβΈ fun emotes! - We offer 60+ fun emotes for you to use! βœ§γƒ»οΎŸ:* β•Œβ•Œβ•Œβ•Œγ€Œβ™‘γ€β•Œβ•Œβ•Œβ•Œ*:γƒ»οΎŸβœ§ 🀍Everyone is welcome here!🀍

X-Luis background
X-Luis users-three 51 17

Do you want your own discord bot? Maybe your own portfolio website? Or maybe some beautiful 3D Models for your brand new game? Stop searching, you found the right place!