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PhasingBlaze background
PhasingBlaze users-three 1045 204 4 4

Enjoy a server with a fresh community, chill producers and talented unique artists. Pick up a few tips & tricks from this mellow community! Applications include: Fl Studio, Pro Tools, Ableton, Bandlab, Logic and more! Looking for Staff!

[Multi-Gaming] - Création et personnalisation de son propre vocal, de l'animation, du partage et du gaming !

JJsupadupafly |JJ|™ background
JJsupadupafly |JJ|™ users-three 11 7

This server is meant for everyone, seriously, everyone is welcome. The sever is becoming more active and it's going to be fun.

🍁Tales of Sprites background
🍁Tales of Sprites users-three 272 59 7 7

The official MapleStory: Tales of Legends animation community server (Uhm... Active chat members needed... Do NOT be someone who just joins and leaves. You are the one who makes the choice to enter after all)!

An animation server mostly for furries! You do not have to be a furry to join! You may customize your tag color and play fun bot games. Share art with the community! Join today to start your adventure! ⚠️ This server might be in early growth stages!

Celestia background
Celestia users-three 101 17

✘ Mais que fais-tu, tout seul, perdu, sans abris? ✨N'as tu jamais entendu parlé de Celestia 🔥? ✨Tu dois absolument voir ça ! Tu peux foncer chez nous et voir ce qu'on propose : entre Fun, Chill, Papotages, Jeu et Amusement tu t'y plairas !

DreamWorks Network background
DreamWorks Network users-three 47 27

a discord server based on dreamworks! talk about anything dreamworks and get the latest news about every dreamworks movies!

Animaters group background
Animaters group users-three 27 8

This is a community for artists but you don’t have to be one to join we have more then just animation and art channels

Cubing Hub background
Cubing Hub users-three 96 23

My Discord server has hacks and exploits that I made. I have a GUI hub called Cubing Hub and I have animations that I made.

Subi’s Design Hub background
Subi’s Design Hub users-three 330 50 16 16

Welcome to Subi Designs! The BEST server where you can buy Cheap, High Quality designs. Excellent customer service & Satisfied Customers We do active giveaways such as designs crypto giveaways and even more! We accept numerous methods of payment.

Unofficial Academy of Art university background
Unofficial Academy of Art university users-three 25 9

Join this community of passionate artists from around the world. Share your artwork, help one another improve skills, and make new friends.

"AnimeVerse - A harmonious blend of singing and anime enthusiasts. Join our chill server, be an active member, and strive for a chance to become staff and earn Nitro rewards every month. Let's create an anime-loving community together!"

blender background
blender users-three 8 2

An unofficial blender server. You can share your models, and have a chance at getting featured.

ew ! background
ew ! users-three 54 9

∞ A server where you can make friends, ! we do lots of events, especially art events! u can do art trades, dtiys, and so much more! so if u draw def join

Les Rangers de L'Espace background
Les Rangers de L'Espace users-three 206 20 1 1

Serveur Cinéma pour discuter de tout et de rien entre passionné. C'est un espace d'aide et de partage pour préserver la magie du 7ème art ! 💫

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