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Justice TaskForce. background
Justice TaskForce. users-three 41 14 1 1

The Justice Taskforce is a group for revolution, positive changes in society, and upholding fair justice.

🧬The Spiral🧬 background
🧬The Spiral🧬 users-three 181 63

A unique mix of Actualization, Spirituality, and Psychology. We mostly focus on MBTI & Spiral Dynamics.

Dialogian background
Dialogian users-three 95 47

Making Paradigm Shifts to Interpersonal Communication, so we more Charitably Engage/Grasp the Ideas, Words, & Actions of even those we Hate

Kiseo-Dan's Typology Lounge background
Kiseo-Dan's Typology Lounge users-three 747 168

Welcome to my world! Here we have a variety of topics to explore. Here we dive into Typology, Astrology, Gaming, Anime, music, art and more! We do everything from casual discussion, to intense debates, study sessions, or just relaxing with some games or streaming. We always have active chats and server staff (and constant server support.)

Drøm background
Drøm users-three 654 123 4 4

This is a casual server for interesting people to talk to others. Self-growth is encouraged. If you like playing games with others, also a thing here. If you wanna debate people, don't be afraid to randomly bring up a topic. We are bored and want new ppl, so come check us out. Open your thoughts to our minds.

The Human Psyche 18+ background
The Human Psyche 18+ users-three 852 152 39 39

🧠 We feature non-stop discussions on philosophy, psychology, typology, and much more. 🌟 230 self-assignable roles! 🤖 300+ emotes & cool bots 💯 Channels for all interest 🌈 Freedom of expression 📚 A multitude of resources & tests for research

ASPD pride parade (archive only) background
ASPD pride parade (archive only) users-three 6 2

Community for psychopath, ASPD and similar people to talk openly without being bothered by moralfags. We are proud of being on the top of the food chain.

Helios background
Helios users-three 110 43

A place to escape the rest of discord. New server trying to create a decent community to hang out with.