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Cast From Eden background
Cast From Eden users-three 74 27

An 18+ woman only server full of gamers and nerds!

The LGBTQ Castaways background
The LGBTQ Castaways users-three 65 25 3 3

✨The LGBTQ Castaways✨ 🌈Come join our 13+ SFW all inclusive server!🌈 🌴System and otherkin friendly, including endos/mixed.🌴 🌊All LGBTQ valid.🌊 ⛡️PluralKit and Tupperbox included.⛡️ βš“οΈAlways looking for suggestions.βš“οΈ 🏝️ Custom Emotes🏝️

Thicc Gamer Union background
Thicc Gamer Union users-three 36 10

Social community server to support streamers and play games as well as having fun

✨ || System Safe Space background
✨ || System Safe Space users-three 65 23

✨ || System Safe Place is a server for people with DID/OSDD/etc to vibe without fear of what people may say, think, or feel. Systems and Singlets are free to join and hang out with our bots and friendly atmosphere :) We welcome all!!

Looking for Games? background
Looking for Games? users-three 13 6

-New Gaming Server -Helps gamers find the right partner or group to play games with.

Stupendous server background
Stupendous server users-three 24 11

This is an inclusive space where you can hang out and be yourself, provided you're not absolutely awful (shocker I know). Have fun and be kind. I understand that this description is going to summon all the trolls and spam, but please let people have a safe space during these trying times. Who knows? Maybe you'll have fun too?

Chattiez background
Chattiez users-three 8 7

This is a server where you can meet and chat with anyone and is all inclusive with bots, snd etc

β™©β™ͺβ™« A chill, sfw, supportive community. (14+) β™©β™ͺβ™«