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ShackCord background
ShackCord users-three 636 82 2 2

Server with a welcoming community, funny memes, and interesting events!

somethig background
somethig users-three 609 126 5 5

Welcome to Somethig, a chill gaming community with 500+ members. We offer active VCs, a diverse gaming community, global members, frequent events and plenty of emojis and memes. Feel free to join us, and enjoy your stay!

Neto’s Land [Road to 1.5k] πŸŽ„ background
Neto’s Land [Road to 1.5k] πŸŽ„ users-three 1324 86 8 8

En este servidor aceptamos cualquier tipo de gente random para variar, un servidor donde todos podamos opinar y conocer gente con los mismos gustos que nosotros.

The Asylum background
The Asylum users-three 711 101 6 6

The Asylum server is a relaxed mental health adjacent server. Our server is a place where one can be themselves regardless of their struggles. It's not only a mental health server but also a place to have fun and meet new people. We have an active community and the environment fosters a relaxed but caring environment.Β 

WOWERS background
WOWERS users-three 737 71

Comunidad que trata temas de misterio, teorΓ­as, cosas inexplicables, entre otras cosas raras de internet. Comparte tus historias y disfruta de este lugar :I

A tight knit community filled with young adults (18+) who have various interests such as anime, gaming, movies, memes, music, and more. Looking to have more active members.

The wock background
The wock users-three 25 10

This is a mostly funny shitpost server that is new and slowly rising with not so much rules so you can enter and have fun like you want

Bostil Server | Memes e Shitposts background
Bostil Server | Memes e Shitposts users-three 535 32 2 2

Servidor discord ⭐️Brasil Memes e shitposts é um servidor que foca diretamente em memes, shitposts, humor, Canais de games, e conversas de otakos 🀣. ⭐️

The Cum Zone background
The Cum Zone users-three 168 34 4 4

⋆ toxic, mostly friendly + sometimes political community of degenerates, autists, schizos and gamers ⋆ low mod / anarchy server, we welcome all types of retardation, only rule is TOS ⋆ don't join if you're sensitive

The Eternal Empire background
The Eternal Empire users-three 219 43

Welcome to The Eternal Empire (EE). This is a hangout server where we share memes, discuss random topics, and have events like trivia nights and nitro giveaways.Memes, simga, sigma-male, gigachad, chad, memes, meme, offensive memes, based memes, sigma memes, dark memes, offensive jokes, dark jokes, community, gaming, star wars, trolling, dark humor, offensive humor, based, big, large, biggest, nitro, free, free nitro, good memes, active, funny, fun, funny memes, nsfw, nsfw memes, toxic

O fim background
O fim users-three 466 42

servidor de memes e shitpost ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

[U.S.F] Space Base background
[U.S.F] Space Base users-three 884 152 4 4

JOIN THE USF TODAY IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN: -Constant shitposting and memes -Quality discussions -Trolling (trolling) -Chaotic elections for server staff We got legit everything here, and if there is something we don't have, we'll add it.

On Da Block background
On Da Block users-three 62 28 1 1

WE ARE ON DA BLOCK ----------------------------------------------- YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OLD OR OVER TO PARTICIPATE IN NSFW CHATS

The Idiots background
The Idiots users-three 56 6

Welcome to The Idiots, where we idiots do idiotic things. We have: 🧾No rules (just follow ToS) πŸ’¬Active and chill community πŸ˜‚Tons of edgy memes ... and more! Join now to join the best discord server you'll ever join (or worse)

DarkHillGaming background
DarkHillGaming users-three 43 9 5 5

Dark Hill Gaming is a small community that focuses on gaming, game development, forging strong in game teams and IRL friendships!

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