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5K+ MEMBERS !! ACTIVE CHATS AND VC'S A LOTS OF STICKERS / NITRO EMOJI - egirls / eboys (not cringe 😭) - stickers / emotes -active vc / chats - always looking for pm - friendly / toxic sometimes - boys icons / girls icons Feel free to join !!;

(πŸ‘Ί) ^πŸ‘ΉGoofy Goobers 2.0πŸ‘Ή^ (πŸ‘Ί) background
(πŸ‘Ί) ^πŸ‘ΉGoofy Goobers 2.0πŸ‘Ή^ (πŸ‘Ί) users-three 75 30 6 6

luvliez zone is a unique server meant for unique people! a server for all the β€’ e-girls β€’ character.ai fans β€’ e-girl lovers β€’ socialists β€’ nitro citizens join us! :3

Babes・egirl・nitro・icons background
Babes・egirl・nitro・icons users-three 151 45 1 1

_ _ 𓂃 `πŸ’œ` **Babes** `πŸ’œ` 𓂃

A small but active community. Whether you're looking for a place to have fun, find friends. We're here for you.

Cafephile // social, decor + icons background
Cafephile // social, decor + icons users-three 2424 303 15 15

γ…€γ…€γ…€γ…€γ…€γ…€γ…€cafephileγ€€ γ€€γ€€γ€€ mnml icns stox

πŸ–€ Want to become an e-girl? You'll need this serverπŸ‘ 100+ emotes πŸ’‹ Icons & banners πŸ’¦ No pings ❣️ Aesthetic 😍

Welcome to π•²π–”π–™π–™π–˜π–šπ–“π–‰π–†! We are a new Server with a fun community that is primarily for anyone, we would love to have you here! We have entertaining events and giveaways. We also engage in partnerships!

/amora background
/amora users-three 1305 174 14 14

Best discord pfp and banner providers! 24/7 Join today to have one of the best icon pfps. You can even request any, we will give!

wallpaper world background
wallpaper world users-three 93 28

Welcome to our vibrant Discord community, where creativity meets aesthetics! Our server is a haven for enthusiasts and connoisseurs of stunning wallpapers, backgrounds, and captivating collages. Whether you're seeking the perfect backdrop for your desktop, phone, or any other device.

౨ৎ  doll ; iconsοΉ’decor background
౨ৎ  doll ; iconsοΉ’decor users-three 125 32

about icons, such as anime icons, kpop and more.. decor such as symbols, etc...

Your cozy neighborhood market offering everything you need for a unique and engaging Discord server that stands out from the rest. Dividers, banners, bot help, tutorials & more. We also offer server reviews. Everything 100% free! πŸ€πŸ§‹

/conflict background
/conflict users-three 1111 236 28 28

server with cute, simply layout. we have cute icons for you to use and a friendly environment to interact with others!

Scarlet Romance background
Scarlet Romance users-three 1102 133 25 25

This server was made for people that are searching for some new friends and maybe a significant other.

dollet ౨ৎ background
dollet ౨ৎ users-three 47 21

new server apex Fortnite icons bots selfies ootd fun ppl art pets vc

@Boba catπŸ§‹ background
@Boba catπŸ§‹ users-three 56 23