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Thief World Role Play Server background
Thief World Role Play Server
Thief World Role Play Server
Roleplay Adventure Fantasy Sci-Fi Superhero

Introduction ————————————————————— The planet of Vandal was once your classic D&D magical world like no other. Filled with magic, BIG Evil Guys, adventure. Vandal however, unlike most fantasy worlds, is in an age of futuristic technology, about 100 to 200 years in advance tech, compared to that of real life. It is a world filled with androids and homunculi as one gets to see what it's like when goblins have access to magic lasers and t

Demiversus Role Play Server background
Demiversus Role Play Server
Demiversus Role Play Server
Roleplay Demigod Sci-Fi Fantasy Superhero

1,013 years ago, Darrius, the protector deity of a planet named Novus, went mad before going on a murderous rampage and ruling a realm of terror for thousand years, killing every other deity in existence along the way and raising an army of demigods in the process. Then, thirteen years ago, he went into another universe to invade and was “apparently” killed by his demigod royal guard... yet, in 4013, a faction called the DWD (Down With Demigods) still fights against them…