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somethig background
somethig users-three 641 89 10 10

Welcome to Somethig, a chill gaming community with 500+ members. We offer active VCs, a diverse gaming community, global members, frequent events and plenty of emojis and memes. Feel free to join us, and enjoy your stay!

DarklandServers.Net background
DarklandServers.Net users-three 308 90 14 14

Where the players play. The original DarklandServers, we host fortwars along with many other gamemodes. Feel free to drop in! http://darklandservers.net/ #darklandservers #darkland #darklandfortwars #fortwars #seowrp #seow #garrysmod #gmod #gmodf

Gmod | Entraide background
Gmod | Entraide users-three 59 9 1 1

Bienvenue sur Gmod | Entraide - Le Sanctuaire de l'Entraide sur Garry's Mod! 🌐 Lien d'invitation : https://discord.gg/2AhSdmDAxT

GMOD YanktonCanyon Community background
GMOD YanktonCanyon Community users-three 301 52

Come to our GMOD YanktonCanyon server and join it :D - Friendly Server - looking to play - Giveaways - Memes - Gmod - Advertising We will be very happy if you join us :) Have Fun !

PI Old background
PI Old users-three 103 23

🎮 Calling All Gamers! Join Our Thriving Gaming Community - Phantom Interactive! 🎮

RenewNW-Forgotten World background
RenewNW-Forgotten World users-three 37 13
HYPERIONS POUDLARDRP users-three 146 33 6 6

Plongez au cœur de la magie avec Hyperions Poudlard!

Battalion Gaming | HaloRP background
Battalion Gaming | HaloRP users-three 69 27

Garrys Mod Only We are a new HaloRP server trying to make our way through and have hopes to have recognition from the Garry's Mod community! We offer multiple units for you to choose from and an extensive choice of jobs! We hope for you to join and stay with us on our journey to 110 members!

Pandora's Box background
Pandora's Box users-three 150 81 6 6

Welcome to Pandora's Box! A server set in the Half-Life 2 universe, but with it's own custom spin on the idea. All transitioned from the writing of owner LiGhT and his own upcoming book. The server mostly takes place on GMOD, but we still have short stories and such in the server itself. There is the small presence from the Discord RP side, but it's nothing too big (at least.. not yet).

Sunset Networks background
Sunset Networks users-three 64 33 1 1

After nearly a year-long redesign process, the new and improved Sunset Networks is ready to relaunch! Featuring two all-new servers, with more in the works, and a close partnership with a GMod community, we are setting out to become a server with something for everybody to enjoy!

Last Stand CWRP background
Last Stand CWRP users-three 64 28 10 10

Mando Enclave CWRP Battalions: 🔴Mandalorian Clan Krusix 🔴Republic Commandos 🔴Coruscant Guard 🔴501st Legion 🔴104th Mechanized Battalion 🔴41st Elite Corps 🔴Jedi Generals What we have: 🔴WiltOS 🔴Multiple Daily Events 🔴Everfall Custom Weapons 🔴Everfall Custom NPCs 🔴Custom Blaster Bolts 🔴Casino 🔴Cooking 🔴FFA Fighting Pits 🔴Deliveries 🔴Skin Store 🔴Title Store 🔴Permaweapon Store We are looking for: 🔴Staff 🔴Gamemasters 🔴

RMF Network background
RMF Network users-three 25 6

RMF-Network besteht aus einem MilitaryRP und einem TTT Server. Das Netzwerk befindet sich gerade im Aufbau also schau doch ruhig schonmal auf unserem Discord vorbei

[FR/QC] Naevis | Roleplay background
[FR/QC] Naevis | Roleplay users-three 29 15

Hey! Nous sommes Naevis un serveur SCP Rp sur Garry's Mod. Nous serions très content de te voir parmi-nous. Alors, n'attend pas et rejoins-nous!

South Tahoma Roleplay background
South Tahoma Roleplay users-three 1609 715 27 27

We are a new gaming community with a variety of servers in development; (rust, ragemp gmod). Join us for some fun!

CyberWire Hosting background
CyberWire Hosting users-three 91 28

— LOOKING FOR AMBASSADORS AND AFFILIATES — Internet Hosting Solutions made cheap and simple, just for you. Come browse our list of services that can provide you with websites to start your business, game servers to start your community such as Garry's Mod, FiveM, Minecraft, DayZ and much much more! Join the Discord, open a ticket, and claim a free first month for any hosting plan!