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RandomPlace background
RandomPlace users-three 429 130 8 8

We are a small friendly community of Bronies that like to share art, music, videos, etc. We here to welcome friendly faces and kind folk.

Sugarcube Corner background
Sugarcube Corner users-three 320 59 23 23

We are a friendly server who are LGBTQ+ friendly! We have fun things to do here! We hope to see you here!! :D

Brony background
Brony users-three 3770 633 15 15

A server for all things Brony and enjoy socializing, playing games, or are just seeking others who share a common interest.

Equestfold background
Equestfold users-three 13 10

The official discord server for Equestfold, one of the Cybertronix Animedia's live graphic web series!

❄ Ponyopolis ⛄ 🎉 3rd Anniversary!!! 🎊 background
❄ Ponyopolis ⛄ 🎉 3rd Anniversary!!! 🎊 users-three 233 72 7 7

Ponyopolis, a SFW MLP community is a place for any MLP fan that want to hang out with fellow fans and have fun without overbearing rules!

MLP General background
MLP General users-three 2504 575 53 53

A great MLP Server where you can talk to people about MLP and just make some friends.

Ponies, & Bronies background
Ponies, & Bronies users-three 32 15

This is the Ponies, & Bronies server! 👋😃 This server is about the MLP, and Brony Fandom. (Hint, Hint. The server name 🤫) We're hoping this server grows bigger, and bigger. Big enough to be come another Discord Community. 🥰

Tea Kingdom background
Tea Kingdom users-three 394 70 2 2

Ищем новых друзей для лампового общения и просто совместных игр.. а ещё у нас есть милые пёсики!

QUEEN OF THE FIRE background
QUEEN OF THE FIRE users-three 28 11 2 2

Seeking a place to share your thoughts & creations? Creative Thoughts is all about collaborating, sharing, conversation, and more! We have a wide variety of topics however we’re always listening to suggestions from the community.

🌿 Amoo's Lounge background
🌿 Amoo's Lounge users-three 528 149 26 26

Amoo's Lounge presents a open My Little Pony community for all members of the fandom! Bronies, pegasisters are welcome, even if you are not a part of the fandom, we still accept everyone! LGBTQ+ friendly, furry friendly. Join us now!

DFW My Little Pony Fans! background
DFW My Little Pony Fans! users-three 156 57

For teenaged / adult fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. This is a place for ALL the local fanclubs to coordinate events and interactions in Denton, Tarrant, Collin, Dallas, and the surrounding counties.

My Little Pony fans of South Florida background
My Little Pony fans of South Florida users-three 81 10

For older fans of the show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" in the Southwest Florida area. (Tampa, Port Charolette, Fort Myers, Naples, etc)

Little ColtsVille background
Little ColtsVille users-three 118 28

Little ColtsVille is a server based off the my little pony where people can come and have a good time. We offer Chats RP Music VC gaming art and wonderful emoji come join in. Everyones welcome.

The everfree background
The everfree users-three 28 11

This is a sever for people for mlp, gamer and invertor please come and join me in the everfree empire. Maybe you find a new gaming buddy or meet Bronies. We are just waiting here for you to join everfree empire and become on of us. long the everfree people of the empire. We will try and keep trolls out and long with haters and even trolls I everyone hates trolls I do to.

LoE Sugar Sky Server background
LoE Sugar Sky Server users-three 9 6

Welcome to Foalix's server for the game Legends of Equestria! (this is *not* the official server for the game) this is a brand new server, we follow the LoE forum & game rules, and discord guidelines and tos, we have pings, roles, bots, and suggestions are always welcome,