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The Bot Hangout Club background
The Bot Hangout Club users-three 27 19

A fun place to use bots. all spawn bots are set to be in one channel, so come join the chaos. Dont see a bot you want? suggest it! So long as it doesn't go against TOS and is a public bot, I will add it. While the server is small, the more people that join and engage- the larger we will become!

PARADISE L❄ST background
PARADISE L❄ST users-three 335 71

A cool server for talking and making friends. A 400k anigold giveaway is hosted .Join now :)

r/Mudae background
r/Mudae users-three 151 40

The official server for the r/Mudae subreddit, the main idea of the server is to have fun with Mudae and other anime related bots, anyone is welcome to join even though you don't use the subreddit.