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Crypto Hub background
Crypto Hub users-three 634 73

Crypto Hub is a space for everyone interested in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain in general.

Aspiring Buisiness people background
Aspiring Buisiness people users-three 13 5

A new community created to create an online community of entrepreneurs, hustlers, and businessmen. It is my goal to make this community a place we can discuss opportunities for starting buisinesses or side hustles, investing, or generating passive income. We encourage younger people to join aswell!

Investor’s University background
Investor’s University users-three 582 27 14 14

A free stock trading discord where we post daily alerts in three different channels! We post sports bets, options alerts, swing trades, watchlists, crypto, etc. Over $10k gains! FREE!

Parabolic Pennies background
Parabolic Pennies users-three 36 18

Your source for momentum breakouts. - Trading - Finance - Stocks - Day-Trading - Penny-Stocks - Options - Alerts - News

Fungi Crew background
Fungi Crew users-three 291 51

Fungi Crew 🍄 - Stocks - Options - Crypto - News / SEC Filings / IPOs / Earnings - Options Flow - Bots

Clublance.com background
Clublance.com users-three 3251 152

Singapore Jobs, Internships, Entrepreneurship, News, Promo, Deals, Jokes, Games, Fitness, Sports, Fashion, Lifestyle and more!

COMEARTH HQ background
COMEARTH HQ users-three 19632 257 14 14

Creating a revolutionary experience for brands and creators to develop unparalleled experiences for consumers to discover.

anotherblock background
anotherblock users-three 16170 1430 31 31

anotherblock is a music NFT marketplace where you can invest in top-tier tracks and enjoy exclusive benefits we are launching on aug 19 with a brand new track by R3HAB & LAIDBACK LUKE (23 million monthly listeners combined)

Homeless Martian Memorabilia background
Homeless Martian Memorabilia users-three 217 154 7 7

I know not what the future holds, but I know who holds the future.

College Savings Academy background
College Savings Academy users-three 154 29

CSA is here to help you debunk the financial aid systems at colleges and give you tips and tricks to save the most while attending school!

Les Loups background
Les Loups users-three 237 29

Bonjour! Les Loups est une communauté Discord rassemblée autour du trading de Stock US, OTC et autres comme les cryptomonnaies. Venez discuter avec les autres membres de vos investissement, partager vos idées et demander conseil sur ces thèmes : - Trading OTC / Penny stocks - Trading Stock US - Cryptomonnaies (trading, mining, staking)

XCryptoMafia background
XCryptoMafia users-three 285 31

This channel offers to provide the most profitable TA/Ideas by expert technicalists in our team. Do Your Own Research & always Trade or invest at your own risk.

NFTICALLY background
NFTICALLY users-three 12682 112 2 2

│Revolutionizing the path for Business 2 Business NFT stores

OddsJam Free Server background
OddsJam Free Server users-three 222 14

Official Discord server of OddsJam.com - Start WINNING your bets

FinSight background
FinSight users-three 5128 130 7 7

The best finance/investing community on Discord. 💸・Free content for anyone to use for the first 3 months. 💎・Engaging community to help grow your knowledge.

dub background
dub users-three 893 30

Dub is a FREE community! We’re here to make free-market free! In addition to that, we’ll have free giveaways and bounties on a daily basis. If you want to learn how to invest or share your investing knowledge then come join us! All things that have to do with investing happen here. Stocks, Finance, Options, Business Startups, and cryptocurrencies! Within the community you can expect; - Live newsfeeds (Bloomberg, Zero Hedge, and Investing.com) - Feedback and answers to any

Momentum. background
Momentum. users-three 34219 821 8 8

Within the community you can expect; - Nightly Watchlists - 9-5 Worker's Watchlists - Premarket Watchlists - LIVE Alerts with extensive DD/TA. - Entry, Target, SL provided. - LIVE Trade Rewinds to go over how you could have traded the day's alerts. - Feedback and answers to any questions. - Extensive Kev's Classroom educational content. - Trading Psychology - a Supportive Trading Family with aligned goals and ambitions.

OpenBB background
OpenBB users-three 11166 1105 10 10

The official server and support channels for GameStonksBot and GameStonk Terminal - Free & Open-Source Investment Research For Everyone! Join a community of like-minded developers and traders working together to make better investment decisions for the future. Gamestonk Terminal provides a modern, and fully customizable, Python-based integrated environment for investment research.

Elite Chess Club background
Elite Chess Club users-three 1643 54

ECC is a collection of 11,000 Luxury Chess Piece Avatar NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockcha

💸 Income™ Official  💸 background
💸 Income™ Official  💸 users-three 54 8

Hello everyone! This is the official Discord server for the Income™ passive income app. We happily welcome all new members and hope everyone enjoys their stay :)

All Things Investing background
All Things Investing users-three 1013 79

Want to learn how to invest or share your investing knowledge then come join us! All things that have to do with investing happen here. Stocks, Finance, Options, Business Startups, and cryptocurrencies!

Asset Asking background
Asset Asking users-three 9 4


Rebus background
Rebus users-three 21293 1099 14 14

Hello, we are Rebus, and we are launching an intriguing platform that links DeFi and traditional investments through familiar means, like asset managers.