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teen hangout background
teen hangout users-three 488 88 6 6

everyone 13-17 is welcome we have reaction roles a few bots come join in

Teen Paradise background
Teen Paradise users-three 182 20 2 2

Hello, welcome to Teen Paradise. This is a place for everyone under 18 to have a great time and relax. We offer some spicy channels for verified pepes but that’s not our focus! We just want to have a fun area for anyone under 18 to connect and have a great time.

Teensters Hangout background
Teensters Hangout users-three 93 14

A community for people between 13 and 17, to have a nice place to make friends, or maybe more.

♤Funnions♤ background
♤Funnions♤ users-three 52 8

just join i need friends just dont be weird also just dont come at me for shit and dont ask for nudes or anything and dont ask for admin or mod

13-17 hangout background
13-17 hangout users-three 562 130 8 8

Hello this server is a hangout for people 13-17

slags background
slags users-three 209 34 2 2

We're a server of LGBT (And straight) teenagers! We're small so you can help us grow