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ProjectPhilanX background
ProjectPhilanX users-three 67 20

🔥 Welcome to ProjectPhilanX! 🔥 A DAO that provides an opportunity for people to donate to vetted charities and present their own Philanthropic Projects to the community to receive funding via donations.

⧣⸝ 魔道祖师﹒MDZS background
⧣⸝ 魔道祖师﹒MDZS users-three 56 27

A mdzs community with a messy layout ! searching for staff :)

BitMetis Hub background
BitMetis Hub users-three 17140 422 9 Boosts 9 Boosts

What BitMetis can offer to users: -Real-time game data -Alpha Review & Info -Gamefi Research -Click to earn bounties -Coming up: NFT rental /DAO organizing

ADAM background
ADAM users-three 169 34

ADAM is a DAO incubator platform that helps everyone create DAOs. We are going to launch ADAM soon. Join our discord community to get our latest updates.

HODLers ✊ background
HODLers ✊ users-three 6573 198 14 Boosts 14 Boosts

Enjoy your new place! Otters are analyzing thousands of upcoming NFT drops here. Hunting for rare: arts, collections, trading cards, game items, land titles, and more. Identify opportunities before everyone else.

BIGGIE MOB 🚀 background
BIGGIE MOB 🚀 users-three 712 165 7 Boosts 7 Boosts

BIGGIE MOB is a collection of unique hand-drawn traits of our amazing local artist. With a variety of handpicked traits biggie seeks knowledge and live on the Ethereum blockchain. Explore the world together with like-minded friends, break out of the matrix, and reach for the stars. We're a galaxy-wide gated community working together to learn and grow. Get the biggie that suits who you are as a person and what you care about in our current world.