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Moon Market background
Moon Market users-three 11346 1114 18 18

💥Hottest Stocks daily 💥Daily Stock LIVE STREAMS 💥Stock Education Livestreams 💥Stock Ideas sent to your phone 💥Stock Chart Ideas 💥CONSTANT Stock Options Ideas 💥Penny Stock, Small Cap, OTC Ideas 💥Sport Betting Ideas 💥JOIN NOW!

Campus Town Trading background
Campus Town Trading users-three 8640 387 8 8

Campus Town Trading is a stock trading group geared towards the younger generation. We provide stock market education, tools, resources, and a community of like-minded individuals. Gain access to daily stock and options picks! Easy to understand entry and exit alerts!

Options Guru background
Options Guru users-three 5012 376 18 18

💎Options Guru is a FREE distinguished business, investing and trading community! 💎 Free education, trading classes and mentorship! Our goal is to help everyone achieve financial freedom! 💵

StockTitan.net background
StockTitan.net users-three 1448 170

StockTitan offers an ultra fast, stock market news live feed.

Strictly Stocks background
Strictly Stocks users-three 287 29 2 2

STOCKS 📈 OPTIONS 📉 EDUCATION📘 NETWORK 🌐 Strictly Stocks is a private community of active investors. Experienced traders and complete beginners can benefit from joining. Our group focuses on networking and education.

AI Fund 🤖 background
AI Fund 🤖 users-three 675 77 16 16

AI Fund is an innovative cryptocurrency portfolio manager that uses cutting-edge AI technology to help investors manage their assets across multiple blockchain networks, including Arbitrum and Ethereum.

PRODIGY TRADING users-three 12876 772 10 10

If you want to make consistent profits in stock trading, it's crucial to learn the best strategies and techniques. Begin by studying fundamental and technical analysis, understanding market trends, and practicing risk management. Also, learn from successful traders, use trading tools, and keep up with market news. With time and effort, you can become a skilled trader and achieve success in the stock market.

Wehead Instead background
Wehead Instead users-three 483 34 2 2

FREE LIVE TRADING! FREE CALLOUTS!! FREE HELP! This is the best place for the people who are learning the market or even for the people who already know some stuff. With FREE CALLOUTS and a team ready to help you, there is no way you won't be successful in here.

Blue Legion Investing background
Blue Legion Investing users-three 89 17

Your One-Stop Server for the New York Stock Exchange!

Cryptohub background
Cryptohub users-three 24044 1789 23 23

A Crypto community hub dedicated to all things Crypto, such as safe Trading, gemhunting, Staking, NFTs, Investing, Web3/crypto jobs, and much more, all in a beginner friendly atmosphere. We have over 15 professional analysts sharing daily crypto signals.

MOMENTUM TRADES by Mr M Trades background
MOMENTUM TRADES by Mr M Trades users-three 2498 302 30 30

Welcome to Momentum Trades! High-performance day and swing trading community - with experienced analysts providing daily signals, alerts, and member education.

Java & Pips FX background
Java & Pips FX users-three 260 20

All Forex traders are welcome to join our friendly Forex community. Where we all learn and earn together.📈📉

Trader Hub background
Trader Hub users-three 123 25 2 2

Daily market discussion, investment strategies, or even just a community to share ideas with other traders. Trader Hub is the one-stop shop for retail traders and investors alike on their journey into capital markets!

Binance (BNB) Smart Chain background
Binance (BNB) Smart Chain users-three 582 152 6 6

Maximisez vos rendements avec le contrat intelligent BNB de Binance : la meilleure opportunité d'investissement.

Sports &  Talk background
Sports &  Talk users-three 129 16

Sports & Wagering Talk, is a Sports discussion, and Betting Predictions group. We have been up and running for over a year with great success, with friendly, active members. We are striving to make money, and help people supplement their 9-5. Life is too short to work your life away. In our server, you can find FREE Predictions, and we are open and inviting all.

Scalper’s Support background
Scalper’s Support users-three 134 12

We are Scalper’s Support, a group to learn and talk about trading while also sharing premium signals.

All Crypto Signals Leaks - 20$ background
All Crypto Signals Leaks - 20$ users-three 103 5

We provide crypto signals from the best groups in the world

DPAT background
DPAT users-three 150 16

Join a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for decentralized finance and investing and trading in the very best infrastructure projects in major African cities with fractional ownership through NFTS.

Closer - Real Estate Discord background
Closer - Real Estate Discord users-three 3489 322 19 19

CLOSER is a FREE Real Estate Community. Join us to connect with realtors, wholesalers, and investors! - iSpeedToLead

ROK Finance background
ROK Finance users-three 191 8

The first crypto crowdfunding platform on ETH chain!

Midas Pump background
Midas Pump users-three 2169 21

🔥Welcome to the Midas sever!🔥 We are a popular crypto community that helps thousands users to achieve a profit on PUMPS!

OnlyUp Trading background
OnlyUp Trading users-three 9064 197

1️⃣ Follow our stock & crypto signals ➡ 2️⃣ Make money! ✅ Free Stock & Crypto signals / alerts ✅ Upgraded High Quality Stock & Crypto signals / alerts 📚 Educate yourself about investing and finance 💬 Chat with likeminded hustlers 🌍 Important finance news 👉 750+ vouches 👉 Trusted 6000 members already joined, why shouldn't you?

ForexTradeVerge background
ForexTradeVerge users-three 1514 120

ForexTradeVerge Not a losing day in 80 days if you follow the rules. Educational - charity community in the day - trade of indices, metals, energies, crypto and forex market.

Crypto Airdrop Area background
Crypto Airdrop Area users-three 3618 161

Crypto Airdrop Area, where we take crypto-care of ya!

Covert Capital [ Trading Community ] background
Covert Capital [ Trading Community ] users-three 254 13

╚» ALL TRADERS WELCOME «╝ Any discussion related to stocks, options, forex, crypto, & the economy. Don't hesitate to tell us about a ticker we should know about, but read the rules before you post. Covert Capital -Lounge -Stocks -Forex -Economy -Live news feed -Smart money moves -Option farm bot

CryptoArt University background
CryptoArt University users-three 43 9

A cryptocurrency trading university for everyone. Indulge into an online resource library, packed with great information to get you on your trading journey.

Gold Peak Trades background
Gold Peak Trades users-three 59 25

Community for traders to learn, grow, and earn. Tools and resources available for all traders - beginners, intermediate, pros or experts. • 📈 Free daily options alerts • 💰 Weekly recaps and watchlists • 🤖 Charts and bots for analysis • 📚 Education resources • 🎉 Giveaways And much more! We also offer a premium membership with access to more tools and resources! New members can take advantage of our FREE 5 day trial and use code GP10 to save $10 on

Peak Capital Trades background
Peak Capital Trades users-three 2384 208 2 2

Options / Crypto / Stocks Join a community of trades who are willing to learn and grow together. Lots of educational content available.

Momentum. background
Momentum. users-three 33986 898 13 13

Within the community you can expect; - Nightly Watchlists - 9-5 Worker's Watchlists - Premarket Watchlists - LIVE Alerts with extensive DD/TA. - Entry, Target, SL provided. - LIVE Trade Rewinds to go over how you could have traded the day's alerts. - Feedback and answers to any questions. - Extensive Kev's Classroom educational content. - Trading Psychology - a Supportive Trading Family with aligned goals and ambitions.

PandaUniverse background
PandaUniverse users-three 4394 180 2 2

PandaUniverse is a community-driven NFT project that gives community members huge benefits such as passive income by holding our NFT, income from our play to earn NFT game, focus on helping charity of your choice, 1v1 battles, air drops, huge giveaways and much more! Announcement of the economy will be made today. Discord link: https://discord.gg/fkUb2kxRZU