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A Journey in Faith background
A Journey in Faith users-three 20 13

A safe spot for Christians seeking community and people curious in Christianity. Started on MovieStarPlanet (MSP) and a groupchat there is also available.

~☀~Sunshine~☀~ background
~☀~Sunshine~☀~ users-three 35 23

Welcome to our server! We have a bunch of things, like giveaways and comps, coming soon and an amazing community. You also can join the club if you have MSP on PC. We hope to see you soon!

Die Magie der Mutation German RP background
Die Magie der Mutation German RP users-three 13 9

Erlebe eine Geschichte, die du so nicht kennst. Spiele einen Mutanten oder das Personal und sammle Edelsteine, um die Magie freizuschalten.

wow a server :0 background
wow a server :0 users-three 28 18 1 1

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Welcome to.. ♥ ﹒₊˚ WOW A SERVER :0﹕ ♡ ⟢1. Just be a decent human being.. I'm sure yk how to do that. 2.No spamming. 3.this is my first server just don't give me a hard time.

Go Star ✰ background
Go Star ✰ users-three 906 85 4 4

Go Star is a community for MovieStarPlanet players with many channels relating to MSP!

Alixware | FiveM Woofers background
Alixware | FiveM Woofers users-three 223 20

Cheap FiveM Spoofers, Our High Quality Service & Tools Will Help You Get Unbanned In Seconds! Our Products - FiveM Spoofer - FiveM Perm Spoofer - Perm Spoof Method

Bug Quest background
Bug Quest users-three 48 28

An interactive forum quest style webcomic, join Beeples and CO as they galavant about an as of yet unknown world to discover lost secrets, make new friends, and to fortnite dance at literally every single NPC they meet. Whether you wish to lurk or actively participate in the story we simply wish all who enter to have a bugtastic day!

sanrio babes background
sanrio babes users-three 15 9

a sanrio server , moviestarplanet and roblox! mainly for trading and chatting!