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Ping Hub: NNN - Make sure to pass. background
Ping Hub: NNN - Make sure to pass. users-three 53 8

A server for pings. Join us today for some fun. PINGS PINGS PINGS!

જ⁀➴Idiots Place੭ ̊ ̟ ꒷꒦ background
જ⁀➴Idiots Place੭ ̊ ̟ ꒷꒦ users-three 178 42

Hey! It's just a server full of aleatory things:) You can talk anything you want(No racism/homophobic). We are very nice:p Until you be rude- Oh! And we have a @reviveping if you want talk with someone!

Monster Ping background
Monster Ping users-three 2232 362

A server chock-full of bots just to say @everyone. Get ready for some serious pings! Programmed to ping every spam channel 10x every second, this server can get you some serious pings really fast. I hope you're ready!