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Wasteland Warriors Official background
Wasteland Warriors Official users-three 135 34 9 Boosts 9 Boosts

We are an active DayZ community. New and experienced players welcome. Come check us out!

EnderPVP background
EnderPVP users-three 243 60

Hi, do you want to join in a Minecraft server with many game modes (also custom), were you can propose all game modes you want and with a nice community and an active staff? Yes? Then join EnderPVP, we are sure you will have fun. What are you waiting? Join now :-)

kings n Pawns background
kings n Pawns users-three 87 23 5 Boosts 5 Boosts

Dayz community 32 slot with humves and trucks we got trader and much more on the Discord! Come join us to find out, hope to see you soon

MeinPvP.eu background
MeinPvP.eu users-three 101 18 2 Boosts 2 Boosts

MeinPvP.eu is a former #1 minecraft pvp server in germany (2012-2013)! This server had game modes like "PvP/Factions", "GunGame", "Guns" and more!

Mad J🎃ck background
Mad J🎃ck users-three 147 33

Minecraft server with minigames,like Prison,KitPvP,Bedwars and more

✨LIGHT WOLVES background
✨LIGHT WOLVES users-three 8 8

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته 💜 نرحب بكم بالإنضمام إلى سيرفر وكلان ‏ ✨LIGHT WOLVES™️ لتقديم الدعم والمساعدة وكل ما يتعلق بلعبة DESTINY 2 وبفضل الله, لدينا نخبة من الاعبين الرهيبين في طور PVE, PVP, RAID نتمنى لكم قضاء وقتاً ممتعاً معنا, ولا تنسوا نشر السيرفر ودعوة

ARK ULTIMATE [TR/EU] background
ARK ULTIMATE [TR/EU] users-three 258 35 2 Boosts 2 Boosts

›Welcome to ARK Ultimate, our vision here is to provide a community where we can gather and play the ARK experience we all love. ARK Ultimate is a server with members from all over the world.

GmMc.pl | Najlepszy Serwer BoxPvP 🏹 background
GmMc.pl | Najlepszy Serwer BoxPvP 🏹 users-three 677 264 3 Boosts 3 Boosts

GmMc to serwer Minecraft na którym są tryby BoxPvP i MegaDrop , jest miła atmosfera. Wbijaj!

GladMC 🎅 - Server Minecraft background
GladMC 🎅 - Server Minecraft users-three 272 35

O melhor servidor de minecraft do Brasil, com BedWars, Full PvP, Practice e mais, convide seus amigos e conheça novas pessoas, se divirta em nossos mini games.

S64B background
S64B users-three 35 8 1 Boosts 1 Boosts

Skirmish64Bit is a modless, minecraft gun server. The server is based on KitPVP with unique elements such as economy, clans, bountys, ranks, and looting hidden areas. The server is in ALPHA and not public yet, however we are looking to grow to include more members in our official playtest.

Pokemon Go Coords, Flexing and PvP background
Pokemon Go Coords, Flexing and PvP users-three 618 83 1 Boosts 1 Boosts

We are a spoofing server for Pokemon Go the hit game of 2016 that continues to be a hit today. We welcome everyone.

THICC Craft background
THICC Craft users-three 151 36

``[THICC LifeSteal]`` **a lifesteal server !?** **what is lifesteal ?** ``|when you die , you lose a heart !`` ``|when you kill someone you gain a heart !`` ``|if you lose all your hearts you get banned !``

Argon RPG background
Argon RPG users-three 95 19

Welcome to The Argon Network, a life-steal SMP and factions server that offers a unique experience to every player. For the hardcore server, you kill someone, you gain health. On death, you lose health. You have 3 lives, die 3 times and you're out for a short period of time! The Argon Network offers a unique experience to every player. With features like custom items, enchantments, terrain generation, many PvP-related plugins, perks shop and jaw-dropping events, you'll l

Anthologia background
Anthologia users-three 38 12

Anthologia is an upcoming skymine pvp server with plans to put a more original and unique twist on the SkyMine genre.

Private Army U.S. Nitro background
Private Army U.S. Nitro users-three 208 44 6 Boosts 6 Boosts

Arma 3, Escape from Tarkov, PvP, Shooter, Guerra,

Military Gamer Team background
Military Gamer Team users-three 26 11

Military gamer team is a server for finding people to play with or just chatting

Kit PvP Beta background
Kit PvP Beta users-three 24 6

A new kit pvp realm to get anything you need and have fun see you there have fun

Vox Network background
Vox Network users-three 196 53

This is a minecraft server that is under huge development! ***************** It will have: -Bedwars -Skywars -Duels *****************

Fresh Network background
Fresh Network users-three 95 18

FreshPvP Is The UpComing Best Minecraft Factions Server Made And MaintainedBy Youtuber FreshPlays Join The Discord For More Info