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Wasteland Warriors Official background
Wasteland Warriors Official users-three 148 35 7 7

We are an active DayZ community. New and experienced players welcome. Come check us out!

SunlyMC background
SunlyMC users-three 59 21 2 2

The newest and probably one of the best crystalpvp survival servers with tons of custom features! Our server is very nice and has nice staff! More information in our discord server! Make sure to join up now!

Blood, Sweat and Tears server background
Blood, Sweat and Tears server users-three 32 9 4 4

New pc server mad for you. Do you like to fight the environment as well as players? This server you will do just that.

FireParty | Network background
FireParty | Network users-three 98 15

Server Ufficiale di FireParty (stiamo cercando Staff competenti e attivi, apri ticket se sei interessatx).

ISTAR & URAMESHI background
ISTAR & URAMESHI users-three 312 89 5 5

ISTAR & URAMESHI est un serveur relais dédié au jeu 7ds Grand Cross. Les joueurs de tous niveaux y trouveront les services nécessaires pour évoluer dans une ambiance hyper cool.

KitsWars background
KitsWars users-three 151 34 1 1

Hello! Welcome to KitsWars! We are a gamemode server! We offer: - KitPvP - RandomKits - Crystal PVP - Parkour - Dropper And MUCH More!

Destiny Tribe background
Destiny Tribe users-three 17 11

Join our destiny server We do raids Have meta classes Will help with missions New players welcome

Forbidden Zombie Enforcers background
Forbidden Zombie Enforcers users-three 79 19

Chernoris (16 slot) pve ~ full vehicles no cars ~ raid weekend Livonia (16 slot) pvp ~ trader ~ full vehicles no cars ~ raid weekend

KD Gaming background
KD Gaming users-three 19 9

new gaming server where peeps meet and can voice chat while playing games online. solo gameplay, pvp, mutiplayer, it doesn't matter. get in, invite friends and family. enjoy the game.

ChronicNetwork background
ChronicNetwork users-three 192 42 11 11

Come and join Chronic Network! We have a brand new and unique SMP with.. - Elite mobs - MCMMO - Shop GUI - Crates - Tree capitator - Crazy Enchantments and much more join today to be apart of our community. People who join in the first 24 hours recieve an in game money bonus and can claim an og role on the discord! server launching Friday!!! Discord:https://discord.gg/PyVunstxxA

DSR Network background
DSR Network users-three 6 4

DARK SOULS REMASTERED Network is a server for players from all platforms and regions to connect with one another to engage in co-operative journeys and PvP battles. New players, old players, low levels and high levels; all are welcome and encouraged to partake.

Ballistic Rust - Official background
Ballistic Rust - Official users-three 283 125 15 15

✦Ballistic Rust ✦ Ballistic Rust is a new and up coming 5x rust server with fun events active staff and plenty more please support us by joining our discord.

Private Army U.S. Nitro background
Private Army U.S. Nitro users-three 220 65 4 4

Arma 3, Escape from Tarkov, PvP, Shooter, Guerra,

MeinPvP.eu background
MeinPvP.eu users-three 100 12

MeinPvP.eu is a former #1 minecraft pvp server in germany (2012-2013)! This server had game modes like "PvP/Factions", "GunGame", "Guns" and more!

Mad J🎃ck background
Mad J🎃ck users-three 126 31

Minecraft server with minigames,like Prison,KitPvP,Bedwars and more

✨LIGHT WOLVES background
✨LIGHT WOLVES users-three 8 8

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته 💜 نرحب بكم بالإنضمام إلى سيرفر وكلان ‏ ✨LIGHT WOLVES™️ لتقديم الدعم والمساعدة وكل ما يتعلق بلعبة DESTINY 2 وبفضل الله, لدينا نخبة من الاعبين الرهيبين في طور PVE, PVP, RAID نتمنى لكم قضاء وقتاً ممتعاً معنا, ولا تنسوا نشر السيرفر ودعوة

ARK ULTIMATE [TR/EU] background
ARK ULTIMATE [TR/EU] users-three 303 71 2 2

›Welcome to ARK Ultimate, our vision here is to provide a community where we can gather and play the ARK experience we all love. ARK Ultimate is a server with members from all over the world.

GmMc.pl | Najlepszy Serwer BoxPvP 🏹 background
GmMc.pl | Najlepszy Serwer BoxPvP 🏹 users-three 677 264 3 3

GmMc to serwer Minecraft na którym są tryby BoxPvP i MegaDrop , jest miła atmosfera. Wbijaj!

GladMC - Server Minecraft background
GladMC - Server Minecraft users-three 663 165 5 5

O melhor servidor de minecraft do Brasil, com BedWars, Full PvP, Practice e mais, convide seus amigos e conheça novas pessoas, se divirta em nossos mini games.

S64B background
S64B users-three 32 7 1 1

Skirmish64Bit is a modless, minecraft gun server. The server is based on KitPVP with unique elements such as economy, clans, bountys, ranks, and looting hidden areas. The server is in ALPHA and not public yet, however we are looking to grow to include more members in our official playtest.

Pokemon Go Coords, Flexing and PvP background
Pokemon Go Coords, Flexing and PvP users-three 575 45 1 1

We are a spoofing server for Pokemon Go the hit game of 2016 that continues to be a hit today. We welcome everyone.

THICC Craft background
THICC Craft users-three 139 20

``[THICC LifeSteal]`` **a lifesteal server !?** **what is lifesteal ?** ``|when you die , you lose a heart !`` ``|when you kill someone you gain a heart !`` ``|if you lose all your hearts you get banned !``

Argon RPG background
Argon RPG users-three 96 17

Welcome to The Argon Network, a life-steal SMP and factions server that offers a unique experience to every player. For the hardcore server, you kill someone, you gain health. On death, you lose health. You have 3 lives, die 3 times and you're out for a short period of time! The Argon Network offers a unique experience to every player. With features like custom items, enchantments, terrain generation, many PvP-related plugins, perks shop and jaw-dropping events, you'll l

Anthologia background
Anthologia users-three 39 13

Anthologia is an upcoming skymine pvp server with plans to put a more original and unique twist on the SkyMine genre.

Gladiator Network background
Gladiator Network users-three 1778 304 54 54

Here at Gladiator Network we offer the following: Factions, Skyblock, KitPvP and soon to be Prison and Skygen. We are a fully custom/unique network. We have our own builders, developers that work on all the networks realms to make them the best/unique experience for all new players. When the realms are open they’re full for hours on end.

Military Gamer Team background
Military Gamer Team users-three 16 8

Military gamer team is a server for finding people to play with or just chatting

Kit PvP Beta background
Kit PvP Beta users-three 21 6

A new kit pvp realm to get anything you need and have fun see you there have fun

Vox Network background
Vox Network users-three 196 53

This is a minecraft server that is under huge development! ***************** It will have: -Bedwars -Skywars -Duels *****************

Fresh Network background
Fresh Network users-three 92 12

FreshPvP Is The UpComing Best Minecraft Factions Server Made And MaintainedBy Youtuber FreshPlays Join The Discord For More Info