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The Underground background
The Underground users-three 44 25 3 3

Interested in Character.AI chatbots and character creations? Look no further than the Underground!

AI Waifu Resort background
AI Waifu Resort users-three 8589 1161 52 52

Dive into the depths of AI character generation! AI Waifu Resort; where you can enjoy chatting with our chatbots! Using Character.AI we guaranteed to output the highest bots with the highest quality everyday!

ˏˋ✩ˎˊ˗ This server was made to gather anime fans all around to roleplay, make friends, talk, and play games with others! ˏˋ✩ˎˊ˗

Moemate background
Moemate users-three 2017 294 13 13

The official server for Moemate, where characters come to life! Moemate let's you chat with any character you can think of! Join the server and meet our (very active) devs and community, as well as make some friends, we love new peeps :)

Sunrise City (Cyberpunk Roleplay) background
Sunrise City (Cyberpunk Roleplay) users-three 53 20

A full AU OC only Cyberpunk themed server set in the future compared to any other media of the world. Active staff, and still growing!

luvliez zone is a unique server meant for unique people! a server for all the • e-girls • character.ai fans • e-girl lovers • socialists • nitro citizens join us! :3

OC Multiverse background
OC Multiverse users-three 24 15

In the sprawling multiverse, a dizzying tapestry of realities and dimensions weave together in harmonious chaos. Here, different characters from disparate realms interact in ways that defy imagination.

Bnha the life of a hero background
Bnha the life of a hero users-three 8 3

Enjoy the life of a hero or a villain up to you. Make your dreams come true.

ew ! background
ew ! users-three 55 10

∞ A server where you can make friends, ! we do lots of events, especially art events! u can do art trades, dtiys, and so much more! so if u draw def join

Welcome to Oysmore Kingdom, a place for many dreams to come true. A place where not one set of a Royal Family rules it all but multiple.

Divided Americas:USNA Mock Gov background
Divided Americas:USNA Mock Gov users-three 19 7

STOP SCROLLING!!! Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world of politics and power struggles? Do you dream of creating a character in a post-civil war era where three new nations and Quebec have emerged? Then, join our exciting role-playing game set in the year 2050.

Eol Phuuazon background
Eol Phuuazon users-three 30 14

Join our NRP where you can create any nation, race, with elements to allow character roleplays as well, all supported by events and lax mechanics to allow maximum creativity!

The Iron Giants (Coolsville) background
The Iron Giants (Coolsville) users-three 11 4

Welcome to the Iron Giant Discord Server! A chill place for people to lab and talk about the Multiversus character as well as discussion of the movie! 1999 Iron Giant Movie fans very welcome!!!!

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