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oracleX CLUB background
oracleX CLUB users-three 62 13

Join the oracleX club and be an early abopter of our incredible crypto project.

RuneBase background
RuneBase users-three 829 175 10 10

Choose from diverse classes, embrace epic quests, and acquire the RUNES cryptocurrency. Join the vibrant community, explore treasure hunts, and engage in meaningful discussions about crypto.

CryptoCannaHub background
CryptoCannaHub users-three 92 27 2 2

CryptoCannaHub: Uniting Crypto Enthusiasts and Cannabis Connoisseurs! Explore the dynamic synergy between cryptocurrency and cannabis in our vibrant community. Engage in discussions, share insights, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Pocket Payout background
Pocket Payout users-three 864 55

β–Ά EASILY make pocket money online using methods anybody can apply at home, for free! β–Ά Full information to maximize the potential earnings and help you understand the dynamics. β–Ά Ask questions if you experience difficulties and someone will help you

Rocky Outcrop background
Rocky Outcrop users-three 1795 138 19 19

πŸ“ˆ Join 'Rocky Outcrop' - the premier Discord community for traders! Dive into real-time crypto/stock analysis, exclusive insights, and connect with trading enthusiasts. Elevate your portfolio today!

Lost Ark EUC Pizza Shop background
Lost Ark EUC Pizza Shop users-three 12 8

Lost Ark server for buying/selling gold our aim is to provide a safe community for buying/selling

Lumex Trading background
Lumex Trading users-three 151 18 2 2
Sacred Trading background
Sacred Trading users-three 18 6

We are a day-trading community that are focused on teaching everything you need to know about trading or if you want to copy our OWN 85%+ winrate trades JOIN US!

The Black Diaspora (International) background
The Black Diaspora (International) users-three 5463 544 32 32

Possibly the largest active black community on Discord bridging the international gap between us.

Novai Capital background
Novai Capital users-three 132 13

Novai-Capital is home to consistent profitable trades. With regular calls where we share signals and value on becoming a better trader, you will find yourself learning something.

CRYPTO INSIDER users-three 26297 2134 14 14
The Monastery background
The Monastery users-three 63 22 5 5

β‹†β‹…βŠ±βˆ˜ This is The Monastery, overlooked by The Council we seek to provide an environment where one can connect, share, and create in accordance with amicable and respectful peers.

Daily Grind Trading background
Daily Grind Trading users-three 892 123 24 24

If you enjoy trading stocks, options, forex or crypto you'll fit right in here. Hell, even sports betters. Join us. At the very least, we have the best emojis in the space. See you soon!

Paypal exhanger background
Paypal exhanger users-three 3114 10

**Welcome to ex-giftcard what we exhanger here we exhange any type of giftcard all over the word as Netflix, Google play etc! We got good rates as well !** **we also exhange ltc btc eth and PayPal!**

The RWAX background
The RWAX users-three 82 21

A Decentralized Perpetual Exchange for Real-World Asset indexes. Trade AI, Wine, Cannabis, Venture Capital, SaaS and many other sectors w/ up to 50x leverage! Sign up for our Private Beta List!