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🪷 Lotus City background
🪷 Lotus City users-three 59 29 3 3

🪷 Lotus City 🪷 Roleplay server with an urban fantasy setting

Supernatural; Are We the Monsters? background
Supernatural; Are We the Monsters? users-three 27 18 6 6

A roleplay server based on the show Supernatural/SPN with canon characters and ocs

𖤐 spn prompts background
𖤐 spn prompts users-three 9 7

𝜗𓏲 No NSFW 𝜗𓏲 15+ 𝜗𓏲 Literate + Novella RP ONLY 𝜗𓏲 Doubles of characters allowed 𝜗𓏲 OCs allowed

・The Enchanted [REVAMPING] background
・The Enchanted [REVAMPING] users-three 331 103 10 10

╰ㆍ The Enchanted﹒✦   ⟢﹒→ .( A role-play server revolving around aquatic supernatural, Sirens; merfolk, serpents, and a bunch more species. )゜

Gravity Phenomena background
Gravity Phenomena users-three 106 14 2 2

New server dedicated to the Paranormal, UFO, Natural Phenomena, The Unexplained & Myths. All the latest posts, stories and videos from YouTube, Twitter & Reddit. "Explore, Find & Experience"

The Wandering Muse background
The Wandering Muse users-three 27 6 2 2

We created The Wandering Muse in a venture to find one singular home for all of our muses. We hope that it may serve as a home for you as well. We have multiple RPs going with more on the way! Currently we have: Scions of Avonlea: an Original Fantasy Mage RP Gods Among Men: A Supernatural Panfandom MARVEL! Convergence: An MCU/Comic AU

Wreaking Havoc background
Wreaking Havoc users-three 57 23 4 4

~We have an OC only Policy, no one can be Canon from anything published. ~Supernatural beings and Superpowered Folks! ~Not Just Roleplay, but hangout as well! ~LGBTQIA+ Friendly, mental health friendly ~Adult Sections for those over 18, not viewable without a mod-given role. ~Low to Semi-lit and Adaptable

The Winchester Way background
The Winchester Way users-three 449 78 8 8

A revival of the revival of the revival; whether you're a fan new or old, as long as you're here in respect and looking for sharp conversation, we have it. Community events, always.

The London Fog: A modern Supernatural RP background
The London Fog: A modern Supernatural RP users-three 53 20 6 6

18+ Supernatural RP that takes place in a modern-day London AU.

🔮ɞ ꒦₊˚﹕Nation of Wanderlust 𓏲✦⁺₊˚ background
🔮ɞ ꒦₊˚﹕Nation of Wanderlust 𓏲✦⁺₊˚ users-three 132 51

(NEW SERVER, ADMIN/MOD APPLICATIONS OPEN) ・。The Kingdom of Lucrezia 。・ ☆*:.。. o.+..o .。.:*☆+ ☆*:.。. o.+..o .。.:*☆ *☆*:.。. o.+..o .。.:*☆ •MUTANTS, a genetically mutated subspecies of humans that are


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