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Gacha Community background
Gacha Community users-three 1707 203

Comunidades de gacha vem sofrendo com os mesmos problemas, ataques, pertubações, entre outros, visando isso, o Gacha Community foi criado no dia 09/05/2022, visando ser uma das únicas que conseguem resistir, pois afinal, o discord é um lugar publico, todos merecem uma comunidade sobre o que gostam.

🐰 zelcord™ background
🐰 zelcord™ users-three 172 32

bem vindo(a) ao ZELCORD™ um lugar para todos :) construímos este servidor com o intuito de ser uma comunidade gacha e furry na qual todos são valorizados e amados!

Jolteon Pokemon background
Jolteon Pokemon users-three 15 8

Welcome To Jolteon Pokemon, A Chill Hangout For Making Friends, Geeking Out, Playing Games, And For LGBTQ+ Too. Though You Don't Have To Want Any Of Those For Your Experience To Join

Starlightdaycare is a fnaf fanbased gacha influencers server They got Art Events Sponsors/partnerships Good nice caring staff and owner 13 to 39 allowed there

💫 Pizzeria Pals ! 🍕 background
💫 Pizzeria Pals ! 🍕 users-three 56 23 1 1

A FNaF fan server with roleplaying, nice members, and fun activites!

Mari Chan's hangout 🌸 background
Mari Chan's hangout 🌸 users-three 68 31

This a fun non toxic server where you can chat with people, make friends, and use fun bots!

A community that mainly discuss about gacha games and anime!

Lisa Gaming Fanpage 💚 background
Lisa Gaming Fanpage 💚 users-three 74 8

_________ ׂׂૢ་༘࿐ Welcome to Lisa Gaming Fanpage 💚 We support gacha heat dreamsexual furry! Join us!!

Ru's Castle 🏰 background
Ru's Castle 🏰 users-three 21 11

We are LGBT friendly and Sfw And we have artist and animators on the server This Server is Their is No Age Requirements Join Today This server is new but our member goal is 1k 💗

☆ Clearly Clarax ☆ background
☆ Clearly Clarax ☆ users-three 150 22

**⟢•welcome to clearly clarax's server• ⟢** :cookie: `Includes: edits, comissions, art and alot more!` :cookie: `This is mostly a gacha server but could also be catched interest in as an artist as we have alot of art ig^^` psst! If u don't mind boosting then plz do we rlly need it ty

★ . Kiras Hellhole background
★ . Kiras Hellhole users-three 192 39 2 2

୨୧ ・ ┈┈ ୨୧ ┈┈ ୨୧ ┈┈ ・ ୨୧ #🗨..: Hey you, yeah you. 😒 I see you scrolling ,, take a look at this real quick. You looking for a server that's laid back & that has a pretty neat layout plus roleplayers? Well good for you, you've come to the right place. Down in our silly corner of the internet we've got a pretty nice server. ୨୧ ・ ┈┈ ୨୧ ┈┈ ୨୧ ┈┈ ・ ୨୧

Ava's Throne Room background
Ava's Throne Room users-three 41 32

This server is to communicate with the gachatuber AvaThequeen.

The Kitty Studio ・🌸🍋🌊 background
The Kitty Studio ・🌸🍋🌊 users-three 1418 151 9 9

🌸⭐Art-loving community for the Gacha YouTuber Kitty Studios ! More on us below!

Bronya Cult background
Bronya Cult users-three 3364 1190 23 23

Bronya Cult is a Honkai Impact & other Gacha gaming community

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