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r/GenDeprogram background
r/GenDeprogram users-three 61 39

The USSS is an organisation of antifascists of all leftists excluding so called liberals, and anarchists. Founded in 2022. Our primary area is the imperial core, however we accept members from anywhere. We encourage you to start your own chapter.

GenDeprogram background
GenDeprogram users-three 6 5

GenDeprogram is a Discord community, Reddit community, and Telegram community for support the Deprogram Podcast and r/TheDeprogram.

Pagan Leftist Corner background
Pagan Leftist Corner users-three 20 11

The Pagan Leftist Corner is a space for Pagan Leftists who are tired of Neoliberal Paganism, of Neoliberal New Age stuff, and of Hard-line Antitheism within the left.

Red Corridor background
Red Corridor users-three 20 11

Sick server for marxist-leninist-maoists. It will be further developed as we have more people join. 🚩🏴

Anti-Anti-Communist Action background
Anti-Anti-Communist Action users-three 11 6

The Anti-Anti-Communist Action (also AntiAntiCom Action) is an Anti-Anti-Communist Organization and a left-wing to radical left organization

Socialist World Federalism background
Socialist World Federalism users-three 5 5

Socialist world federalism or socialist global federalism is a political ideology advocating a democratic, socialist, communist, Marxist, leftist, federal world government.

The Pro-Palestinian Left background
The Pro-Palestinian Left users-three 9 6

A server dedicated to freeing Palestine from Zionism and creating a secular, socialist, state were Muslims, Jews and Christians can live together peacefully free from both religious conflict and class conflict. All leftists are allowed.

Union of Transatlantic Council Socialist Republics background
Union of Transatlantic Council Socialist Republics users-three 5 5

The Union of the Transatlantic Council Socialist Republics (UTCSR) is an Internet socialist and communist community and organization based on the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Africa, that seeks to build a strong Socialist and Communist community over the Atlantic ocean.

Pagan Communist Pact 2.0 background
Pagan Communist Pact 2.0 users-three 14 8

The Pagan Communist Pact 2.0 is the actual communist successor of the former Pagan Communist Pact Discord server.

The Leftist Collective background
The Leftist Collective users-three 284 86 14 14

We're a chill leftist server with a growing library and many roles to fit your ideology or identity.

Коллектив background
Коллектив users-three 346 87

Коммунистический сервер, но есть и игры и аниме, постоянные лекции и литературный клуб, взрослое комьюнити, фильмы сериалы и так далее

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