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Shitpost Corporation background
Shitpost Corporation users-three 1394 141 17 17

We offer: Giveaways Active members Good offensive/weird memes that you won't find anywhere else Custom Roles We don't have many rules We get 2k+ messages daily we are boosted to level 3 (maximum) (If you join say goodbye to your brain cells)

LulzBoat background
LulzBoat users-three 118 28

Join here if you want to talk and chill and make friends

The Eternal Empire background
The Eternal Empire users-three 201 36 2 2

Welcome to The Eternal Empire (EE). This is a hangout server where we share memes, discuss random topics, and have events like trivia nights and nitro giveaways.Memes, simga, sigma-male, gigachad, chad, memes, meme, offensive memes, based memes, sigma memes, dark memes, offensive jokes, dark jokes, community, gaming, star wars, trolling, dark humor, offensive humor, based, big, large, biggest, nitro, free, free nitro, good memes, active, funny, fun, funny memes, nsfw, nsfw memes, toxic

Agames57's Chill n Chat background
Agames57's Chill n Chat users-three 47 13 4 4

Just a chill lil server but pls join the mods r not toxic and we all chill

Family Guy 18+ Roleplay background
Family Guy 18+ Roleplay users-three 197 39

🛡️〡Chill Community 🔞〡Meme Central for Humor Enthusiasts 😺〡Cat Channel for Feline Fanatics 🏅〡Unique Roles & Self Roles 🤣〡Diverse Funny Emotes & Stickers 💻〡AI & Video Editing Bots 🤝〡Friendly Atmosphere

The Chill Lounge 2.0 background
The Chill Lounge 2.0 users-three 221 52

🥂🤍 Hi! You're invited to join The Chill Lounge 2.0 (A remake of our original server) 🐻 We've got memes, active, funny, chill members, great staff, lots of fun bot games, gamers, offensive memes, daily activities and more!🧸 We hope you join🖤🥂

RNSSFRRN background
RNSSFRRN users-three 78 15 1 1

Very Offensive but funny server, do not recommend joining if you are offended easily.

ricardos's meme dungeon 2 background
ricardos's meme dungeon 2 users-three 1467 267

We all love offensive memes, this is a Ricardo themed meme server that has a great community of hardcore memesters (no normies pls)


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