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໒🎄ଓ blossom 🍓໒꒱ background
໒🎄ଓ blossom 🍓໒꒱ users-three 345 75 17 Boosts 17 Boosts

cute kawaii sfw server with frequent giveaways, events, vc, and more. nice & welcoming members + staff, fun booster perks, and more.

RNSSFRRN background
RNSSFRRN users-three 49 10 1 Boosts 1 Boosts

Very Offensive but funny server, do not recommend joining if you are offended easily.

The BreadHouse | Social & Relaxation background
The BreadHouse | Social & Relaxation users-three 143 43

・We are happy to have you as a part of our community :DD This is a community where you can socialize with a lot of other new wonderful people, enjoy a lot of entertaining events, and take part in giveaways. ・ We always strive to maintain a welcoming environment here where you can talk to people and get to know them, as well as a safe environment.

Nirvana background
Nirvana users-three 142 39

**୨⎯ " Nirvana " ⎯୧** This Utopia has...✮。•₊°。 ❥ Bot refreshes straightforwardly from the devs! ❥ Amicable, accommodating, and dynamic staff individuals! ❥ Assist work area with helping you! ❥ F

The Hangout Bunker background
The Hangout Bunker users-three 26 19

Hello! Welcome to The Hangout Bunker! We are a growing community server! We have fun bots, Giveaways and more! So join now!

The lanout background
The lanout users-three 4 1

-semi active -Dank member -Events -fun -Community Hope you enjoy it here!

` sage background
` sage users-three 771 68 2 Boosts 2 Boosts

❥ - welcome to wilzon . - semi-active server - don’t be sensitive - be active - follow discord tos + gl