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Hololive Discord ⋅ ホロライブ ꒱ ˊˎ background
Hololive Discord ⋅ ホロライブ ꒱ ˊˎ users-three 253 65 14 14

♡ hololive — a cute emote server for hololive fans with a nice aesthetic

Druncord background
Druncord users-three 12082 2987 73 73

Come join the largest drinking server on all of discord! First round is on me!

✘. background
✘. users-three 111 38

We have a media channel for u to put any of ur social medias u wanna promote or servers (deleted if u leave), We have self roles matching pfps a birthday channel fun server members Add ur friends and make some new ones the goal is for it to be a big gc ☺️ Have fun !!!

Circle of Music background
Circle of Music users-three 255 42 1 1

We are a music/anime based server, and we are looking for active members that would like to discuss basically anything! We occasionally host events such as talent shows and are beginner friendly!

Hogwarts: The New Tale.... background
Hogwarts: The New Tale.... users-three 135 49 10 10

Join our SFW Harry Potter server with its own, original storyline! - Learn about a new secret group terrorizing the wizarding world - Create your own OC to engage in our storyline - Lots of events hosted by our welcoming staff! - A welcoming community, pluralkit

🐰 zelcord™ background
🐰 zelcord™ users-three 146 31 2 2

bem vindo(a) ao ZELCORD™ um lugar para todos :)

Blitz! background
Blitz! users-three 65 27

.・゜゜・new server! plz join lol.・゜゜・

Whatever background
Whatever users-three 626 95 2 2

Editing Help and Resource Content Creator community Server

JOIN this server if your interested in meeting new people or probably a future relationship we also do giveaways server may be small rn but with your help we can get bigger 🤗👍

Y O U T H. background
Y O U T H. users-three 141 34 1 1

Welcome to ʏᴏᴜᴛʜ.™ Friendly 𝟏𝟖+ social server for you to relax and game. Giveaways, earnable roles , and more

PNW background
PNW users-three 499 71

PNW is a community server with a focus on current events and topics concerning the Pacific Northwest region of America and Canada

🦆DuckCord🦆 background
🦆DuckCord🦆 users-three 25 13

Duckcord is a discord server geared specifically toward duck owners, potential duck owners, and duck enthusiasts! It's a community where you can ask fellow duck experts for help, share tips on caring for your ducks, or simply show off your pet or favorite duck-themed media!

Late Hours background
Late Hours users-three 128 28

A server for making friends, solving trivia, and filling your squad with members.

Latte Night background
Latte Night users-three 707 110 6 6

Welcome to Latte Night! 🔹 Nitro giveaways for everyone! 🔸 A variety of different channels and bots 🔹 A chill and friendly community 🔸 Many events with special rewards 🔹 A place to make new friends! 🔗 discord.gg/boyz

Sleepless Nights〡Socialize • VC • Chill background
Sleepless Nights〡Socialize • VC • Chill users-three 290 84 2 2

━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Sleepless Nights A great server to chill in ♡ Lots of members ♡ Great bots ♡ 24/7 active chats and vc ♡ Nitro Giveaways ♡ Weekend events ♡ Great place for night owls ~ Come join the fun ~ = Links = > https://discord.gg/UecWG8pK7r > https://i.imgur.com/zauYdsV.jpg ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

RoTrade background
RoTrade users-three 2388 232

In all-in-one Roblox TRADING server. We provide GAME TRADING and LIMITED TRADING. Trade for your favorite games such as Adopt Me, Pet Simular, Murder Mystery 2, Blox Fruits & way more.

RBLXWRLD background
RBLXWRLD users-three 4806 415 14 14

Advertise your Discord / ROBLOX group, buy / sell items, trade with other players, find other players to play with, check out game reviews, or EARN ROBUX. Join the community today! YouTube owned, giveaways weekly, anime, minecraft

𝙳𝙸𝙳𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚞𝚜𝚎𝚜 background
𝙳𝙸𝙳𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚞𝚜𝚎𝚜 users-three 45 25 4 4

a place for systems and singlets alike to hang out!

Roleplay Finder Reloaded background
Roleplay Finder Reloaded users-three 64 25

Our server has various finders in Forum style to help you post and browse ads. Self-roles help you build a profile and set user preferences.

𝐏𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐲 | 𝟏𝟖+ background
𝐏𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐲 | 𝟏𝟖+ users-three 465 65 14 14

social・icons・emotes・18+ • giveaways・events・vc・active • non-toxic • nsfw content • ❥・❥・❥・❥・❥・❥・❥・❥・❥・❥ crtd 1911'22

Horror House background
Horror House users-three 353 77 14 14

Hey guys, this is just a multi faceted server! A place to grow your content creation where we also team up for popular games like; Call of Duty, Dead by Daylight, Phasmophobia, Apex Legends, Fortnite and more! We also have movie nights, tons of bots to play with, and a Harry Potter House Cup challenge!! 16+

🄾🄶🄶 background
🄾🄶🄶 users-three 32 18 2 2

Thanks for joining server. Here you see friendly community and nsfw content! But don't worry, if u don't like nsfw content, u no see. If you want see the NSFW content, just go information channel and u see.

That Voice Call Server background
That Voice Call Server users-three 943 246 44 44

Welcoming 𝟏𝟖+ social server for you to chill and game. 👽 Weekly community voted events 👽 Giveaways! 👽 Earnable roles!

The Language Abyss background
The Language Abyss users-three 1190 203 7 7

"The Language Abyss" is a language learning server with the goal of bringing people from all around the world together to help them make friends, create bonds and learn languages all at the same time!

ඞ ☕ milk café | revamp in progress background
ඞ ☕ milk café | revamp in progress users-three 1606 280 20 20

A small server with an active and chaotic community. We're all very welcoming and loud. Very accepting.

Homostuck background
Homostuck users-three 126 53 5 5

A homestuck server many people can hangout in! A very inclusive community. We allow IRLs, Systems and anyone 13+! Please join us and enjoy your time here! :oD

Brew ☆ background
Brew ☆ users-three 573 88 2 2

Just a fun place to sit and talk! Very Active during the day!

∂в ¢๏ммµиเ†ý background
∂в ¢๏ммµиเ†ý users-three 79 30 9 9

→ INFO → DBL LEGENDS → BOOST US → ACTIVE MEMBER ☾ W owner Tbh this server is a dbl and Dokkan server and it's a public community, we would love to have people who love dragon ball please join our community and boost us. It's a request. Thank you guys

Business Traders background
Business Traders users-three 2947 196 9 9

One of the best trading server on discord! More than 500 successful transactions, trust and safety 2 years of experience On the server I included: - Marketplace: channels in 2 categories - Buy with access to @ all boosters - Giveaways with special prizes. We are waiting for you in large numbers!

Clipstone background
Clipstone users-three 334 82 6 6

👪 Come Meet New People 🏆 Win Our Giveaways ⚔️ Custom Content 💻 Multiple Hosted Servers For Gaming 🌳 Friendly Community 🏆 Always Looking To Hire People