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The Kinderverse background
The Kinderverse users-three 238 43 11 11

WRITERS AND ARTISTS ARE NEEDED--The Lore Project is a fanfiction worldbuilding project with original elements. It is produced and developed through the combined collaborative effort of the community. Join the server if you are interested. The Kinderverse is an active gaming community with scores of fun channels, people to interact with, and events to participate in. Come and chat with us!

Pokémon Fanfic Community background
Pokémon Fanfic Community users-three 255 53

A server for pokemon fanfic readers, writers, youtubers, viewers, artist and exceot fanfic singer also. Not only that we have bot games as well as a helpful community for everyone.

Void Sailors background
Void Sailors users-three 28 16

A server dedicated to the science fiction genre. We are from all backgrounds and welcome including LGBTQIA+. Our primary goal is to make a cool hangout for people to discuss and share in the hobby. We are 18+

Fanfiction world background
Fanfiction world users-three 21 18

This is a server for people to discuss about fanfiction. Fanfiction is a very good thing to express our love for writing.

Percy Jackson background
Percy Jackson users-three 52 27

Join the newest growing Percy Jackson fan server!! Where international fans talk about the Percy Jackson series, other series in the Riordianverse, and lots more!!

SWF | BattleBit background
SWF | BattleBit users-three 93 33 5 5

SWF is looking for newbies to join us today. We are mil-sim clan taking it a bit more seriously. If you experienced or Inexperienced it doesn't really matter. We are looking for all type of players who would like to be part of something "bigger". Interested? So why not to join now!

Like a Community/Role play Server but we only really use it for Community. Its very cool and stuff and partly focuses on Art.

Sea Side Villageଳ ִֶ⭒ֺ ִֶ:. background
Sea Side Villageଳ ִֶ⭒ֺ ִֶ:. users-three 17 9
ᗩᐯᗩᑎT-Gᗩᖇᗪᕮ IᑎK background
ᗩᐯᗩᑎT-Gᗩᖇᗪᕮ IᑎK users-three 97 36 2 2

Avant-Garde Ink, for use when you're not a literary normie.

District of Wawaka background
District of Wawaka users-three 125 33 7 7

A creative community server that's run by an ao3 author, dedicated to providing a safe space for any fandom and fanfiction enthusiast. Currently: this server is bnha dominated! We're still a new sever; very much still in its growing stages !!

HazbinHotelShenaniganSkwad'sCat background
HazbinHotelShenaniganSkwad'sCat users-three 35 11

This server is a Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss roleplay server where you can play OCs, Canon characters, and even characters from other Intelectual Properties. (Other shows and stories.)

Soul Eater Fics background
Soul Eater Fics users-three 22 8

A discord server for Soul Eater fanfiction authors and readers.

Hypercho background
Hypercho users-three 54 8

Welcome everyone who is interesting in Interactive storytelling. A community that you can find people that can work together to create and build your own interactive story. Also, a place to find the product you really like.

Emerald Library background
Emerald Library users-three 10618 1421 21 21

The Emerald Library is a fanfiction and original writing community with hundreds of authors from dozens of fandoms with an emphasis on community choice and smaller mini-communities. The discord is for readers, writers, beta readers and editors, and anyone with the common interest of writing or reading.

Le bazar du SF background
Le bazar du SF users-three 9 5

Bienvenue sur le serveur "Le bazar du SF" 🚀 Explorez l'univers infini de la science-fiction avec nous ! 🌌 Vous êtes passionné(e) par les mondes extraordinaires de la science-fiction ? Ce serveur rassemble une communauté de fans de SF .