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Serenity Space background
Serenity Space users-three 2581 369 14 14

Hi, Welcome to my server! I made this as a safe space for people to talk about and share their problems. You're welcome to ask a therapist for help, or share your problems to other Lovelies.

⚜Crackhead Kingdom⚜ background
⚜Crackhead Kingdom⚜ users-three 169 45 2 2

The CHK is a server where you can chill and make some amazing friends, we voice call daily and have a friendly group of admins and members that will make you feel right at home!

✩˚₊💫 ଓ ︰estelleʳᵏˢ ˚⊹ background
✩˚₊💫 ଓ ︰estelleʳᵏˢ ˚⊹ users-three 13115 1423 24 24

A community to help individuals with mental health, private therapy, find resources for decor/gfx, nitro giveaways and provide a safe space for everyone!

Hope for Hominids background
Hope for Hominids users-three 15 10

A server designed to actually work. HFH uses actual methods and encourages venting of all types instead of turning away "problem cases". We try to give support on all facets of life, but addiction and mental-health are our main focuses.

Music makers background
Music makers users-three 37 19 2 2

@everyone ,, welcome to music makers 💜 ✦ ╮Here are our Server Rules, please read them. - 1. ❝ you can say slurs but please do not over use them, remember there is as young as 13 in here. No n word or r word

Kitty Asylum background
Kitty Asylum users-three 24 15

Kitty Asylum is a play for people who are lonely, unstable, or like cats. You can also join if you want to chat and have fun. We accept everyone and discrimination is not allowed.

Shepherding Christian Community background
Shepherding Christian Community users-three 78 14

Shepherding Christian Community is created with YOU in mind and focused on YOUR Spiritual, Social, Mental, and Emotional WELL-BEING

Shepherding Christian Community - Free background
Shepherding Christian Community - Free users-three 18 10

Shepherding Christian Community is created with YOU in mind and focused on YOUR Spiritual, Social, Mental, and Emotional WELL-BEING

Aniverse background
Aniverse users-three 40 30

✯ Aniverse editing + anime Sfw+ fun chat Lgbtq+ safe place

Sonic Therapist background
Sonic Therapist users-three 20 5

You don’t need to like sonic to join this server. You can make friends in this server. You can do anything in this server.

Sin’s Community background
Sin’s Community users-three 13 6

🌼 Sin’s Community is a growing group that is helping people make friends! 🌼

The Visionary Kings 雷嵐火 background
The Visionary Kings 雷嵐火 users-three 28 18

Hello there fellow human being! We are a community where u can be yourself and do lots of fun stuff(check it out yourself)! Our server is mainly about everyone having a place that they can call home and where they can have fun! What are you waiting for go check us out!👑

The Nomads Refuge background
The Nomads Refuge users-three 46 21 4 4

If you are reading, this server is safe space for people from many different walks of life to gather in hopes of bettering their faith and relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

The Duloc fortress background
The Duloc fortress users-three 89 18 2 2

Join us for fnaf memes and more, we despise Shrek, don't talk about him

Lets talkkk background
Lets talkkk users-three 50 19

We will chill and have fun, this server is still being made cause suggestions from people will really help. You can also add me and I will be your therapist and do daily check ins and you can always vent to me without asking.