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Digital Art background
Digital Art users-three 4570 724 17 17

Come hang out, make friends, share your art-works and your learning journey. We also do game nights (skribble & gartic). We have some custom bots in the works for an accountability system as well as some mini games!! We're friendly and welcoming art community. ♥

Aitareis at work! background
Aitareis at work! users-three 71 24 8 8

Aitareis at work! is a server filled with random randos from various roblox game dev servers, with artists and modelers and generic gamers. Some rules are enforced to make the server friendly for everyone. Otherwise have fun and hangout with others!

Vinyl Art background
Vinyl Art users-three 38 15 7 7

Art server for Expressionism and/or Abstract Artists. Other Artists are welcome as well as other creators and musicians.

Partner UP! background
Partner UP! users-three 47 14

❤️We await your arrival to starlight galaxy, see you soon!❤️

Riggy & Proxy Drawings Clubhouse background
Riggy & Proxy Drawings Clubhouse users-three 300 71 4 4

"Riggy and Proxy's Discord: A vibrant community fostering friendships, diverse discussions, and shared passions

Meem Yaser Community server background
Meem Yaser Community server users-three 8 4

اهلا في سيرفر مجتمع ميم ياسر! الجميع مدعو لمشاركتنا!

FORWARDTALE background
FORWARDTALE users-three 27 8

join us and help us on our journey to make a comic then a anime. Please help us it would be appriciated thank you. This Universe takes place a couple decades after a true pacifist ending

ew ! background
ew ! users-three 58 11

∞ A server where you can make friends, ! we do lots of events, especially art events! u can do art trades, dtiys, and so much more! so if u draw def join

ARTISTS HUB background
ARTISTS HUB users-three 7 5

This server is open to artists of all mediums who are 16 years old and above. We believe that art is a universal language that transcends age, gender, race, and background. Our aim is to provide a platform for artists to connect, communicate.

☕ ∶ Trading Café ♡ background
☕ ∶ Trading Café ♡ users-three 65 16

⭒☆━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━☆⭒ The Trading Café is a safe, fun space for artists to hangout in and share & trade their art and ocs! ⭒☆━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━☆⭒

The Weerions background
The Weerions users-three 69 13

This is a server for the Closed Species Weerions! We are an artcommunity and offer many ways to share and improve your art. But mainly it's about the species. We offer weekly giveaways, events and much more!

GarticPhone background
GarticPhone users-three 157 35

Hey! They're aren't many garticphone servers out there, you might as well give our community a look.

Arts And Secret Krafts background
Arts And Secret Krafts users-three 118 41

Our Server is the latest in discord. A Fun and Cool Community with designers and craftsperson. Anything ranging from physical and digital arts and crafts. You can create anything that include abstract, anime, calligraphy, drawing, sketches, pixel, watercolor, color pencil and digital as well. Works of crafts are also readily appreciated.

Abandond Server ERROR 404 background
Abandond Server ERROR 404 users-three 33 17

An art server that encourage artists who are looking for feedback, inspiration or advertising their work. Help us reach 100 members to build a bigger community!

FRU1TL00PS background
FRU1TL00PS users-three 1134 302 7 7

what is FRU1TL00PS? ⊹₊꒷︶꒷꒦︶︶꒷‧˚₊⊹ we are an art server to help promote your art and to help others sell/trade their ocs. Were a welcoming community for all artists at every level.


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