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Yuri's Anime Zone  ♡ Social • Genshin • Anime • Gaming background
Yuri's Anime Zone  ♡ Social • Genshin • Anime • Gaming users-three 122919 16410 67 67

Chat with others in a welcoming anime, gaming, and Genshin community. Afraid of a completely new community? Just ask; we are very welcoming of new members! We feature a variety of topics, events, and giveaways, so there is something for everyone!

Markiplier's POV: Stuck Step-FakeTaxiAgent-CastingCouch background
Markiplier's POV: Stuck Step-FakeTaxiAgent-CastingCouch users-three 75 25

16+ Server Dedicated to Gaming (PC and Console) & Anime! We have self-assignable roles, an XP levelling system, self-promotion for social media & host game/anime nights! Join for some chill chatting & to make some new gaming buddies.

--Raided By Crazy Services-- background
--Raided By Crazy Services-- users-three 15 11

This server is a server for anyone of any kind to join, we like to talk about anime, but that isn't the only reason you should join, you can suggest what you want in the server and we might add it, you can talk with friends, level up, make new friends, get some roles, you can even sign up for mod and keep the server safe, please remember to read the rules before anything else, thank you! 😁

Humaid's Bollock background
Humaid's Bollock users-three 48 13

Basically, we are just looking for new company and are done engaging with the toxic side of discord. We're a lovely bunch just hoping to meet new lively (non-toxic) members- so far everyone is from the UK. The age requirement is 16+ but preferably 18+ considering we're still looking for a missing ball.

Roselia Scans background
Roselia Scans users-three 789 89

☕ The comfiest anime and manga server on the block. ☕ Roselia Scans is a manga translation group that has been going strong for over a decade. 💪 With over 500 members, we have a diverse and active community, from all over the world! 🌎 Join us to chat about mangos, animu, artwork, and all the weeb in-between. We can't wait to see you there! ( ^.^)/

Daughters of Jezebel Strip Club background
Daughters of Jezebel Strip Club users-three 149 34

Small group of gamers who play too much and joke about everything.

☆〜(ゝ。∂) background
☆〜(ゝ。∂) users-three 106 32

Hellooo! Weather you watch/read anime/manga, it doesn't matter! We welcome everyone, and for this reason, we have provided many fun bots and activities for everyone to enjoy. Please join us in this safe and welcoming space!

A Slayers Legacy💫 background
A Slayers Legacy💫 users-three 16 7

Hi. I am the owner of a server recently made I have no current members or staff but I would appreciate if somebody will lend me a hand in making my server, ty for listening.

Sakugan background
Sakugan users-three 37 19

We are a server dedicated to the series Sakugan (also known as Sacks&Guns)!