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the lighthouse. background
the lighthouse. users-three 598 63 2 2

we wish to be the support and safe space, the safe harbor, for the broken and wandering hearts. to break the stigma of mental health, to give a home to those who feel lost, to give hope to those who are struggling.j

Outcast Paradaise background
Outcast Paradaise users-three 81 50

Many groups of people, in real life & online, have been made fun of and shunned by society for many reasons. This server encourages those shunned and judged by the popular mainstream society who have nowhere to go irl or online to feel safe here

DRACULAS WRATH _ background
DRACULAS WRATH _ users-three 20 11

‥ ♯ system oriented server with a vampire theme. we have many chats for your various needs, along with species chats and introject chats. we aim to be simple and have a very easy verification system.

Shadow Sparks Cave background
Shadow Sparks Cave users-three 42 34

A D.I.D friendly server! We are also a VC server. Honestly, we have everything!

Vampire's Coven background
Vampire's Coven users-three 30 21

A vampire themed system server for those with plurality disorders. Traumagenic only, pro-endos and endos not allowed.

GIDGETS SILLY SERVER users-three 33 17

hey! we're a cool community for systems, lgbtq people, and autistic people based around having our own roblox game! come hangout and join us for server and game events, get cool roles, and more!

This is a community server where people can chat and do voice chat + It has a best emojis and stickers which you can use anywhere. We also do giveaways. 🎉✨🎊

FIRST GEAR background
FIRST GEAR users-three 18 16

🌫🌫 FIRST GEAR A welcoming community for systems... That happens to be motorcycle themed!! There is a quick verification, but its nessasary! Please don't like that turn you away, we are very kind! We offer;; - Sourcemate Calls - Partner Searches

Crow Club background
Crow Club users-three 18 14 4 4

I made this server to find friends of people who are also interested in the Grishaverse! If you are a system, or neurodivergent feel encouraged to join! We have an artists and a writers corner, and we are always open to more channel suggestions.

UNHINGED GORLIEZ users-three 35 17 1 1

Are you an unhinged individual? Mentally ill? A little bit too silly? Well so am I let's be friends! UNHINGED GORLIEZ is a cool fun lil hangout server to meet ppl who are just as unhinged as you are if not more teehee. We are an inclusive server for LGBTQ+, furries, DID/OSDD Systems, Therians/Otherkins, Goths+Metalheads (plzplzplz join), ect. WE DO NOT TOLERATE BIGOTS, PEDOPHILES, AND ENDO/DEMO SYSTEMS YOU WILL BE PUBLICALLY HUMILIATED AND BULLIED WE DO NOT CARE

; eunoia . background
; eunoia . users-three 65 33 2 2

An accepting server for #LGBTQ members, femboys, systems, femboy Enjoyers, allies and more!

Homostuck background
Homostuck users-three 241 47

A homestuck server many people can hangout in! A very inclusive community. We allow IRLs, Systems and anyone 13+! Please join us and enjoy your time here! :oD

Lil’ Playwrights background
Lil’ Playwrights users-three 145 37 1 1

Welcome to Lil’ Playwrights! A regression server with a rainbow theatre theme; our age range is 13 - 25 and we have so much to offer as seen below! ・˚₊ ✦﹕A 'school' program! ・₊˚ ☆﹕Roleplay channels! ・₊˚ ✦﹕80+ roles to tell us about you! ・₊˚ ☆﹕Lovely diverse staff members! ・₊˚ ✦﹕LGBTQ+ and System friendly! ・₊˚ ☆﹕Weekly events! ・₊˚ ✦﹕Free rooms for members! Welcome to our theatre; we can't wait t

✯⇇Crystal Stars⇉✯ background
✯⇇Crystal Stars⇉✯ users-three 54 32

Honesty, we are a very new server and would appreciate any support we can get! We do not allow any Endos, or discrimination of any kind here!

🗝 Runestone Remnants 🛡 background
🗝 Runestone Remnants 🛡 users-three 45 21

Welcome to Runestone Remnants, a server run by 3 friends, with an aesthetic of ruins. Care to join us in exploring the runescape?


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