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△▲ into the woods ▲△ background
△▲ into the woods ▲△ users-three 36 27

SERVER IS 15-20 Y/O ONLY Fun little server to hangout, friendly to all :3

Xbox Gaming background
Xbox Gaming users-three 48 14 4 4

Wir sind ein Deutschsprachiger Discord, wir suchen aktive Gamer und Gamerinnen, um jegliche Langeweile zu vertreiben und um ein Ort zu schaffen wo sich jeder wohlfühlen kann um mit anderen Usern zu interagieren.

💗 LOVE & PEACE 💗 background
💗 LOVE & PEACE 💗 users-three 35 20 3 3

✪ An all-inclusive Trigun-based fictionkin server. You can be yourself without being judged or subjected to severe toxicity! OTHER SOURCES ARE WELCOMED HERE!

Camp Mayfair background
Camp Mayfair users-three 58 31

Welcome to Camp Mayfair! Here, you can hang around people, and enjoy your hobbies! Almost every month we’ll hold a event, and all the staff are active!

The City Of Atlantis background
The City Of Atlantis users-three 27 20

A small, but active discord server for all systems around!

✨The Land Of The Stars ✨ background
✨The Land Of The Stars ✨ users-three 154 48 2 2

A small community server for plurality, lgbtqia, and really anyone!

Kid Club background
Kid Club users-three 35 19

A SFW server for age regressors, syskids, and systeens that's 100% pro endogenic, and for body ages 18+? Or looking for another syskid/agere space in general? That's what we offer! We also welcome older systemmates and those who aren't currently regressed.

Experiment! background
Experiment! users-three 18 12

Be 19 or older! "18+" is only there on disboard because it's a much more popular tag *NOW HIRING MODS!* An experimental catchall server for anyone looking to make friends! Where ownership and control of the server will be transferred to one of you at the end of November, as long as there's interest from non-trolls who've been following the small rule list. So, people interested in being the admin of a premade server, join!

Looking for partner system background
Looking for partner system users-three 3 3

A server made for anyone interested in being our partner system!! Adult bodies only

STEM SOLUTIONS is a discord server devoted to guiding and helping students with all needs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at affordable pricing.

KNY System/IRL Server background
KNY System/IRL Server users-three 17 12 2 2

Oh? A newcomer? Welcome to the Infinity Castle. --- This server was built for KNY Fictives/IRLs to hang out and chat with eachother!!! We do NOT support Ednogenic Systems/Tulpas and their supporters. 13+, please!! --- Wha

DIDeez Nuts background
DIDeez Nuts users-three 100 41

wanna meet a great community of both DID systems and singlets alike? this is the place for you !! mainly a fun and supportive server for those who have DID/OSDD, but singlets are always welcome 💕 we have events like monthly art contests, recruitment contests, and other cool things going on with real prizes !! we also game together and share art, along with other cool channels 😌 we hope to see you there !!! 🏳️‍🌈💕

꒰ 🥛🍙 ꒱𓂃꠴ HAZY ACREAGE ❕˂̵ background
꒰ 🥛🍙 ꒱𓂃꠴ HAZY ACREAGE ❕˂̵ users-three 13 10

«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────» ꒰ 🥛🍙 ꒱𓂃꠴ HAZY ACREAGE ❕˂̵ «────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»

🐙 Systems of the Sea 🦀 background
🐙 Systems of the Sea 🦀 users-three 180 40

Systems of the sea is a server for DID systems, OSDD systems, and questioning systems. It is a safe space for systems and it is a new server so joining to help build this community is really great and appreciated! We love all of our members. This server is also welcome to singlets who wish to join as long as they're respectful and educated. We have: Pluralkit self assignable roles economy and music bot a new community to form system only section relaxed but safe rules soci

└➤ R I S E。🍨 ───┐ background
└➤ R I S E。🍨 ───┐ users-three 45 26

This server is LGBTQIA+ friendly and Is also a safe place for people!