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🔥420&Chill💨 background
🔥420&Chill💨 users-three 94 32

Come to 420 & Chill to hangout and chill. We are a community server were everyone is welcome, even if you don't smoke we welcome you. Come and earn roles and perks! remember to stay high and be chill! Always something to do. owner and stuff always in voice chat! come vc

The Couch background
The Couch users-three 373 66 2 2

Welcome to The Couch! A 16+ server for stoners and everyone else too! Sit down and chat with us, play games, share memes, and more! As of now we're only a small group of friends, but I hope we'll grow to be much more! And don't forget, there's always an open spot on The Couch!

O' Clock background
O' Clock users-three 57 19

join if u want it's pretty fun but inactive right now, but trying to revive it

PUFFCORD 💨 background
PUFFCORD 💨 users-three 12232 2175 48 48

24/7 Active Cannabis Community - Never Smoke Alone!

Stoner's Heaven background
Stoner's Heaven users-three 298 42

We are a growing community trying to become active. We have channels for Stoners and Psychedelics, so come check us out!

THE TOYBOX 21+ background
THE TOYBOX 21+ users-three 694 175 33 33

-‘๑’-Welcome to Toybox!-‘๑’- ღA chill, welcoming community wanting to meet new people! Full of cuties, stoners, gamers, and content creatorsღ ✧.* We're a super friendly 18+ server, come smoke with us!✧.*

Hippie Hangout <3 background
Hippie Hangout <3 users-three 98 24

*:・゚。➷*❞ "whatever makes your soul happy, do that."

Pot Head’s | BIGGEST 4/20 PARTY background
Pot Head’s | BIGGEST 4/20 PARTY users-three 156 32

The best pot head server on discord. Meet folks like you, and smoke together.

The Realm Of Stoners background
The Realm Of Stoners users-three 16 3

Join and help this new stoner server grow, we've got memes, music, weed and bongs

🖖Stoners Oasis🤙 background
🖖Stoners Oasis🤙 users-three 159 82 8 8

come join our stoner server and smoke sum with us all we do is chill n smoke

Tactical Fam background
Tactical Fam users-three 175 65

Tactical Fam is a gaming community. 18+. HEADS UP: We all have a great time, but we all do talk crap and give one another a hard time! but it is never serious, and always in good fun. Have fun, don't take things personal, have thick skin. and game on