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Corrupt Anarchy - most homemade server ever! background
Corrupt Anarchy - most homemade server ever! users-three 79 26

What is Corrupt Anarchy? It is a Cracked Anarchy server running on Paper 1.16.5 But you can join on (1.7 to Latest release) and has many plugins making a much better anarchy experience, Hacking/greifing/whatever you want is allowed.

Marching On background
Marching On users-three 178 51 3 3

March On is a West Marches style RP server! What this means is we have several DMs and Players whose characters live in a settlement together, sign up for quests independently of one another and help expanding and changing the world together! This allows for a more flexible scheduling and taking on quests that align with your RL schedule with other players that are also available. All RP occurs on the Discord server in Text-Only where we keep logs on exp and gold.

BelakAttk's Anarchy Server background
BelakAttk's Anarchy Server users-three 55 8

This is a sub-server of BelakAttkโ€™s Dumpster Fire. If you join this server, I advise you join that one too. This server has no rules so whatever you would like to do, you can do.

The Cum Zone background
The Cum Zone users-three 38 20 2 2

โ‹† toxic, mostly friendly + sometimes political community of degenerates, autists, schizos and gamers โ‹† low mod / anarchy server, we welcome all types of retardation, only rule is TOS โ‹† don't join if you're sensitive

The Leftist Collective background
The Leftist Collective users-three 276 107 15 15

We're a chill leftist server with a growing library and many roles to fit your ideology or identity.

๐ŸŸจ [๐—”๐—ป๐—ฎ๐—ฟ๐—ฐ๐—ต] an experimental server where the laws have been cast down, and a new world waits to be shaped, ideas and innovations have no authority for each individual's will. Leave your mark upon its empty pages.

LOR: The Loop | A Hole Lotta Misery background
LOR: The Loop | A Hole Lotta Misery users-three 42 14 4 4

Welcome to the Loop. A semi-anarchic, semi-wholesome general server built upon a niche subsection of the Internet where everyone is welcome.

Neustadt background
Neustadt users-three 13 8 2 2

Westmarch Discord: Epic D&D in Neustadt! High-powered play in a starless cosmos. Rapid character ascension, epic & gestalt systems, custom rebirths, rich lore, and a welcoming community. Leave your mark on Neustadt's cosmic tapestry! Join our legend.

A community that mainly discuss about gacha games and anime!

The Idiots background
The Idiots users-three 55 6

Welcome to The Idiots, where we idiots do idiotic things. We have: ๐ŸงพNo rules (just follow ToS) ๐Ÿ’ฌActive and chill community ๐Ÿ˜‚Tons of edgy memes ... and more! Join now to join the best discord server you'll ever join (or worse)

Astronomical background
Astronomical users-three 181 28

.ใƒปใ€‚.ใƒปใ‚œโœฟAstronomicalโ˜†ใƒป ใ‚œใƒปใ€‚ You just landed on Astronomical , the a semi-anarchy realm with an ego as big as its name! โœฟ Here we offer โœฟ (a side realm where we hold events players can participate for rewards in the main realm) โœฟ a few examples of the addons that are present in the realm. ~Simple structures. ~More weapons. ~Better on bedrock ~More mobs & more! โœฟ Partnerships โœฟ Active staff โœฟ Factions/clans โœฟ & a safe place for everyone

Studere Durum background
Studere Durum users-three 9 7

Studere Durum is an insightful study space for everyone. Our goal is to help others achieve their academic potential through advanced access to resources and help.

Anon porn background
Anon porn users-three 18 1

This server allows full chaos and freedom to do and say what you want

Free Owner Perms background
Free Owner Perms users-three 6 4

In this server, everyone who joins gets the Owner role added to their profile. Join us!

Cutty Community background
Cutty Community users-three 66 21

(NO VERIFICATION) Toxic sh Server with a lotta unique channels and a creative owner


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